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Welcome to Thursdays! I have nothing to say about Thursdays, but our DJs do!

The Gamer Goober Hour

Time: 10:45 am – 11:45 am Desc: There’s no description for this but if you like games and… goobing..? Tune in!

No Boys Allowed

    Time: 12 pm – 1 pm Desc: Have you heard enough from men today? Did you already know that Tame Impala is actually just one guy? Tune in and listen to artists who really get it— Mitski, Fiona Apple, Japanese Breakfast, Lucy Dacus, and more.

Wadio Show with Luna

Time: 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm Desc: Super cool girl plays awesome music! With a different theme each week and silly anecdotes between, Wadio Show is the perfect show for easy listening.

The GMU Jukebox with Aidan Harris-Cross

Time: 3 pm – 4 pm Desc: If you have an ear for the classics, then be sure to tune in to the GMU Jukebox! We play the finest tracks from the 20th century, including the works of Bob Dylan, James Brown, Frank Sinatra, Chuck Berry, Simon and Garfunkel, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles. You’ll …

Roomie Recap

    Time: 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm Desc: We are Erica and Sheima, two roommates who actually like living with each other. Our show gives insight into what life is like as roommates: a mess. Roomie Recap covers everything from our favorite songs to story times. Sounds interesting? Tune in to hear us bickering …

Nick @ Night

Time: 8 pm – 9 pm Desc: Do you enjoy music? Then tune in to the music place to listen to music. Whether your studying for an assignment, chilling out and relaxing or anything in between, Nick @ Night (but not that one) has got the vibes for you. The only genre of music that …