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Welcome to WGMU’s Taco Tuesday. We don’t have tacos, but we have great shows! Take a look!


Time: 12 pm – 1 pm Desc: DJ Cecilia hasn’t written a bio yet but let me tell you, her show is GREAT. If you don’t believe me, then just ask the genius.

Shades of Grey

Time: 2 pm – 3 pm Desc: Chill music with DJ ITK. Sometimes inane ramblings and personal opinions.

The Retro Rewind

  Time: 5 – 6 pm   Desc: Press the rewind button and go back to the best decades of music! Join Emma K to hear an hour of music from the 60s-90s and the stories behind the songs. Featuring iconic artists such as Prince, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, and Queen.