OHMME @ DC9 Nightclub

By: Jessie Benitez

On Thursday, April 18th, 2019, Chicago’s finest took the stage at DC9 Nightclub, generating pleasantly noisy soundscapes through Washington D.C.’s already bustling 9th Street. That band is known as OHMME, a two-piece rock band consisting of musicians Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart. The night opened with Bottled Up, a D.C. based punk quartet that ripped through rambunctious garage fusions accompanied with familiar, but refreshing vocals. Their most recent album, BU2 (2018), flashes me back to the rowdier moments in my youth as I navigated my way through the ever-changing local punk scene, so believe me when I say, I’ve had this album on repeat since.  

OHMME began their performance with the songs, “Icon” and “Liquor Cabinet,” some of the most prismatic harmonies off their debut studio album, Parts (2018). There’s nothing that makes me appreciate musicians more than witnessing how they translate their recordings on the stage. Maybe I’m just overly dramatic, but OHMME configured their euphonic lyrics into some of the most lively and angelic melodies I’ve heard this year in the nation’s capital. Even in some of their more feedback-inducing tunes such as “Grandmother,” every turbulent and explosive electrical warble blaring from their guitars was beautifully rhythmic. The duo also performed their own roaring take on a B-52’s classic, “Give Me Back My Man,” a jam limited to 545 hand-numbered copies pressed on a bright orange 7” vinyl. Luckily, I managed to take one home that night. As OHMME assembled the loopy and glazy riffs of “Woman,” from their self-titled EP released back in 2017, I spotted a familiar face in the crowd: Bob Boilen, the creator and host of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts and All Songs Considered! Boilen carefully maneuvered his way around the stage, photographing the energetic artists; capturing the boisterous, as well as the most tender moments of the show 

One of the most vivid tracks from Thursday night wasFingerprints,” as Cunningham and Stewart bounced multiplying echoes, atmospherically throughout the chorus. The final moment that transported me through an ethereal cosmos was in “Sentient Beings,” the seventh track off their latest album. Every hit on the drum, slash through a chord, or bow to the violin was pure, weightless resonance. It has always been their asymmetric rhythms, buoyantly recoiling through my ears that shaped my admiration for experimentation. That could be the explanation for why I had once kept Ohmme (2017), on non-stop repeat to this day. 

Rosemary’s Reviews| When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

By Rosemary Idisi

Billie Eilish, a girl that grew up being homeschooled and joined a children’s choir when she was eight years old is now a seventeen-year-old pop sensation. The singer and songwriter just released her debut studio album titled When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? (2019). 

 This album has fourteen songs and is a mixture of electropop and trap. Every track on the album was written by Eilish along with her brother, Finneas O’Connell who produced all the tracks as well.  

When this album was released, it received widespread praise and debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200. This made Eilish the first artist born in the 2000s to have a number one album. 

In just the first week of its release, this album had 313,000 album sales, which made it the second-largest sales week for an album in 2019. The first being Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next (2019). This album also had been pre-ordered 800,000 times on Apple Music before its release and if that doesn’t impress you, just know it also topped charts in fifteen other countries.  

Billie Eilish has a sort of jazz-like sound when she sings. She throws vocals like that over trap beats and piano asides and makes sinister sounds seem classy. Eilish gives whispering vocals and chilling melodies in this album and pairs them with very creepy music videos.  

This isn’t the average album. That can be understood as soon as you play the first track on the album titled !!!!!!!. This is the introduction to the album and isn’t just any introduction… This intro is fourteen seconds long and contains slurp sounds of Billie taking out her Invisalign and saying things like, “I have taken out my Invisalign and this is the album.”  

The lead single for the album titled You Should See Me in A Crown” was released in July 2018, way before the album was released. This single reached number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was inspired by the BBC show Sherlock. This track has a very dark tone combined with dubstep music and is truly a unique sound.  

The second single released for the album is When the Party’s Over“. This track is slow and gives off a very sad mood. It opens with the lyrics, Don’t you know I’m no good for you? I’ve learned to lose you, can’t afford to- and is basically about Billie putting distance between herself and her lover. The music video for this single featured Billie crying thick and inky black tears. The video reached #1 on YouTube and was trending in several countries.  

The third single released titled Bury A Friend” contained Eilish detailing her confusing relationship with the monster under her bed. This track has a Prismizer effect, which is known to manipulate pitch and frequency. This track was like a goth-R&B and had very unique sounds. The visual released for it was very creepy and contained Billie’s face being grabbed by multiple gloved hands.   

The song Wish You Were Gay” is Eilish singing about what it felt like to be rejected by a boy she liked and selfishly wishing he was gay. The lyrics, “-I just kinda wish you were gay-” were repeated in the song over a slow tempo of beats. 

A lighter, more playful track on the album is Bad Guy”. This single is the opening song for the album after the introductory track and is Billie’s farthest reach toward pop. The lyrics, “-I’m that bad type, make your mama sad type, make your girlfriend mad tight, might seduce your dad type, I’m the bad guy, duh-” are thrown over an electric chime and snaps. Billie gives off Harley Quinn vibes in this song and this single topped charts in several countries.  

A word to describe this album? Different. This album is so different than the current norm in so many aspects and it is brilliant. Give it a spin.  

Promise Nothing Interview

By Robert McGreevy

Promise Nothing is a up and coming band from Northern Virginia revitalizing old school and 90’s Rock. Sean Gorena, Mike Holland,  Fabio Rubiera, and Ivan Stoykov created Promise Nothing in 2018, and they’ve been performing live venues all across Washington, D.C. since. Recently, they played Plazapalooza at George Mason University and they have agreed to tell us their story. Their upcoming performances are Pre-Mason Day Fest April 25th, 7:00-7:30 and Mason Day Fest April 26th. Come on out and show your support for Mason’s own musicians!  

WGMU Panda Fundraiser | April 30th, 2019

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Rosemary’s Reviews | Free Spirit by Khalid

By: Rosemary Idisi 

American singer and songwriter Khalid dropped his second studio album Free Spirit (2019) last week on April 5th. The singer teased this album in various posts on social media for months before its release and fans praised the highly anticipated release. 

Free Spirit has seventeen tracks on it, including the singles from Khalid’s 2018 EP Suncity “Better” and “Saturday Nights.” The album’s lead single “Talk” was released in early February.  

 “Talk” was made in collaboration with electronic production duo- Disclosure and gives off major R&B dance vibes. This single is about a relationship moving too fast and the need to talk about it.  

 Another single from the album, “My Bad’ was released in early March and reached the Hot 100 charts, becoming the artist’s twentieth song to make the chart. “My Bad” is contextually similar to “Talk.” The song deals with problems with communication between Khalid and whoever his lover is. This track was called an “apology track” because Khalid is basically saying sorry for not replying to a text, which as we know, drives women crazy.  

 The track “Self’ was released later in March as another single for the album. This song focuses on Khalid addressing his anxiety and self-reflecting, which we get from the lyrics, “-I don’t need another hand, I need a couple suggestions. Always had a little trouble with self-reflections.” The rhythm of this song is so mellow, almost hypnotic, and the beat just adds to the vibe of the entire album. 

 The last single that was released for the album is titled “Don’t Pretend” featuring Safe. The single dropped just two days before the album was released. In this song, Khalid’s voice is so soothing and melodious with the guitar in the background. 

 Khalid has quite the ear for melodies and beats and he mixed them together with beautiful lyrics to make this album. If you’re looking for something to listen to while on a road trip, laying on the beach, or to just vibe to, Free Spirit is the album for you.  

 Not only did Khalid drop this amazing album, he accompanied it with a short film that was released in theaters worldwide for one night only. This gave fans a chance to hear the entire album while watching a short film titled “Free Spirit” created by the singer. In the film, Khalid used the music to tell the stories of what it was like growing up. What other artist has ever done this?  

 Khalid is such a creative artist and his work and ideas are very unique. He is real, you can hear it in every song on this album. Khalid will be going on a world tour which will take him to major venues across the United States and Canada starting June 20th 

Rosemary’s Reviews: Nipsey Hussle

By: Rosemary Idisi

Nipsey Hussle, Grammy nominated rapper and songwriter from Los Angeles, California, was shot and killed on Sunday March 31st. The world lost a brilliant artist, philanthropist, activist, entrepreneur, and family man. 

 The last album Hussle produced was titled Victory Lap and was released in February of 2018. This album was his first full-length album and major commercial release after dropping several his entire career. 

 When Victory Lap first debuted, it reached number four on the Billboard 200 and received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album.  

 Prior to Nipsey’s death, Hussle had almost two million streams on iTunes and just one day after his death, Victory Lap became number one on iTunes and had 57 million music streams. The day he died, Nielsen Music told The Associated Press that 2,000 copies of his albums were purchased that day, followed by 9,000 copies the next day, 4,000 copies the day after that, and sales keep increasing.  

 Nipsey’s album Victory Lap has sixteen tracks on it and pays tribute to the rappers’ hard work and achievements. It also looks ahead to the future and all he has yet to build and those he can still inspire. 

 This album featured many guest artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Puff Daddy, YG, Buddy, CeeLo Green, and more. This is more than the typical album would have but all these collaborations added depth to the songs and painted a lot of pictures with the different voices. 

 Nipsey’s first song on the album is the title track, “Victory Lap” and it opened with the lyrics, “-I’m prolific, so gifted, I’m the type that’s gon’ go get it, no kidding.” This was a very bold opening, but this was a bold man. From the second he opened his mouth in this first song to the last verse in the last song, you could hear the passion and determination in his voice. 

 Another track on the album titled “Dedication” featured rapper Kendrick Lamar and the perfect song for you to listen to if you’re hungry for success. If the lyrics, “-dedication, hard work plus patience, the sum of all my sacrifice, I’m done waitin-’” doesn’t motivate you I’m not sure what does.  

The track “Millions While You Young” featuring The Dream was definitely a change of pace from the other tracks on this album. The other songs were very energetic while this one was a refreshingly slower pace. In this song, it’s like Nipsey is giving advice to listeners, giving them the ropes of becoming a success story. 

 The track titled “Hussle & Motivate” on the album samples Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life” and talks about the bigger picture behind his hustling. Nipsey made so many declarations in each song on this album and he said things that other rappers probably want to say but are too afraid to because of backlash. That’s one thing about this rapper, he didn’t care about the backlash.  

 If Nipsey Hussle had something to say, he said it and if there is something he wanted to do, he did it. A lot of what he did was good and very beneficial to the community, which is why after his death it was announced that his contributions to South Los Angeles will be entered into the Congressional Record to be a part of U.S. history forever.  

Some may listen to the songs on this album and not find any meaning behind the lyrics but bob their heads and enjoy the tune. Nipsey knew exactly the people he was speaking to and the people he was being a voice for, and the most important thing is that they understand.  





Rosemary’s Reviews | While We Wait by Kehlani

By Rosemary Idisi

Earlier this year, Kehlani dropped her third album While We Wait (2019). This album reached #9 on the Billboard’s 200 chart when it opened and became Kehlani’s second album to be among the top 10 on the chart.  

While We Wait has a track list of nine songs and features guest artists like 6lack, Ty Dolla Sign, Musiq Soulchild, and Dom Kennedy. If you like the sound of 90s R&B, pop, or rap, this is the perfect album for you because this album contains all three of those genres.    

This album really manifests the kind of artist Kehlani is which is a down-to earth contemporary R&B artist. The songs are mellow, raw and refreshing.  

 The opening song for the album is called “Footsteps”, which begins with the sound of rushing water. Any album that begins this way is either going to be a banger or leave you crying at the end. This song starts with the lyrics, “-and when I walked away, I left footprints in the mud so you could follow.” Need a new break-up anthem? This might be it. 

There are so many songs on this album that are relatable. Do you have an ex that won’t mind their business? The song Nunya needs to be added to your playlist. Going through a moody break-up? The banger “Nights Like This” is the perfect song to drive around at night listening to (but don’t drive to your ex’s house). 

 On the song “RPG”, Kehlani and guest artist, 6lack, take on the roles of lovers. This song opens with the lyrics, “-you told me I’m beautiful ’cause I told you, you don’t tell me enough, and make the singer appear insecure and in desperate need of reassurance from her partner. The rhythm to this song is so tuneful its almost hypnotic.  

 The most relatable song of the album for many would definitely be “Morning Glory.” In this hit, Kehlani sings about men needing to be prepared to see their women stripped bare before bedtime if he plans on seeing her looking brand new in the morning. The lyrics, “-if you don’t want me at my goodnight then you can’t have me at my morning glory,” are truly iconic.    

 The song “Too Deep” is fun to listen to, but a bit repetitive. If you feel like things are going too far or getting too complicated with someone, then this song is pretty relatable. Plus, there was a reference to Candy Crush in the song which is… cool. 

 While We Wait is Kehlani telling stories of experiences through love, life, and just being a woman in general. This is the perfect album to validate your feelings and reassure you that you’re not the only one whose been through it in a relationship or possibly wanted to leave your past behind. This is definitely the album for you if you like mellow vibey music that you could possibly relate to.    



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Rosemary’s Reviews | Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande

By: Rosemary Idisi 

Earlier this year, Ariana Grande dropped her highly anticipated fifth album ‘Thank U, Next’ (2019). This album was created in the midst of the popstar’s highly publicized personal affairs.

For months, Grande was in the spotlight following the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and the split from her fiancé Pete Davidson. People could not wait to hear the outpour of her emotions on this album.

If you’re looking for a revolutionary kind of break up/self-love anthem, the album’s lead single and title track ‘Thank U, Next’ is the song for you and it proves to be the song for many as it was a massive hit. The single broke records and peaked at number one of the charts in numerous countries.

‘Thank U, Next’ was released shortly after Grande broke up with Pete Davidson and includes the lyrics, “-even almost got married, and for Pete I’m so thankful.” It also recognized a few of Grande’s exes whose names she included in the song; even her deceased ex-boyfriend Mac Miller with the lyrics, “-wish I could say thank you to Malcolm, cause he was an angel.”

The music video for this song was released shortly after the initial release of the track and referenced early 2000s rom-coms Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going on 30 and Legally Blonde. This music video broke records on YouTube for being the most watched music video within 24 hours and the fastest video on Vevo to reach 100 million views.

Another smashing song on the album was Grande’s hit single ‘7 Rings’. This track peaked on the top of charts in 15 countries and broke the record on Spotify for being the most played song in 24 hours.

The third single released on the album was ‘Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored’ and it debuted at the top of charts as well. This single made history for Grande as it made her the first female artist to replace herself at number one on the charts and also made her the first artist to dominate the top three spots on the chart since The Beatles in 1964.

The first song on the album, titled ‘Imagine’ was the promotional single for the album and many fans believe the track was inspired by Mac Miller who had an ‘Imagine’ tattoo and the lyrics seem to speak about Grande pretending past relationships didn’t end.

Another song on the album called ‘Ghostin’ was a reference to both Pete Davidson and Mac Miller, because Grande sings about what it was like dealing with the death of Miller while being with Pete. On the track ‘Fake Smile’, Grande sings about the dark side she faces being a superstar.

A huge part of the album ‘Thank U, Next’ is Ariana Grande pouring her heart out in song. This album was like a lyrical diary from her and it was beautifully done. From throwing shade at her exes to singing about being needy, Ariana gave fans everything with this album.

‘Thank U, Next’ has the perfect combination of songs to listen to when you’re feeling good or when you’re sulking in bed. This album is up and down, it’s real and refreshing… and it’s one that I highly recommend listening to!

Vince Staples @ 9:30 Club

By Jonathan Ibarra

On February 22nd and 23rd, 2019 the Long Beach, California rapper Vince Staples took the stage at the 9:30 Club on his “Smile, You’re On Camera” tour. Having originally scheduled only one night in DC, Staples had to add a second show after the first night sold out in a matter of days. The first opener, Armani White, took the stage at 6:15 pm, a mere 15 minutes after the doors opened. Even with the small crowd, White came to impress. His rhythmic tracks got the crowd warmed up for Buddy, Staples second opener. Buddy spat his raps out fast and loud, calling for a mosh pit during the last song of his set that sent the crowd into a frenzy.  

The crowd was buzzing with energy by the time Staples took the stage. Opening his set with “Feels Like Summer” off his most recent album FM! (2018), Vince went on to have a good mix of songs off each of his releases.  

Living up to the title of the tour, there were cameramen placed in different locations around the stage to get shots of either Staples or the crowd. Those shots were projected onto the backdrop, which was set up to look like a big set of security monitors. The effect was an interactive experience that drew the crowd into Staples performance by allowing audience members to see themselves in the gritty visuals. 

The long beach rapper exuded liveliness and childlike fun. Even when he would take breaks to interact with the crowd, the rapper would never let the energy of the set die down. He would be seen making faces at security when they would try to grab crowd surfers, as well as clowning audience members who would shout praise during lulls.  

Staples ended his set with “Yeah Right” off his album Big Fish Theory (2017). In place of Kendrick Lamar’s verse, he thanked DC for coming out and voiced his message of love, spreading positivity. The rapper thanked Mac Miller and gave a genuine tribute to a talent lost too soon. 

The audience began to file out when suddenly the stage lit up again – this time with the late rapper’s smile. Mac Miller’s NPR Tiny Desk set was played in its entirety – all 17 minutes of it. As tears rolled down some audience members’ faces, it was hard not to think about the impact Miller left on the music industry, including Staples’ more emotional tracks. The set concluded and people stuck around, not wanting the show to be over. It was the perfect conclusion to the first night of Staples’ sold out DC shows.