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You’ve made it to the middle of the week! Welcome to the WGMU Wednesday! Lets see what we got!

WGMU’s The Wednesday Get-Moving-U!

Time: 8 am – 9 am Desc: The WGMU Radio Network proudly presents: the Wednesday Get-Moving-U with DJ Ali Ali. Inspired by friends involved with the radio station, this cheery deejay will wrap rotational music, topical stories, GMU Patriots sports headlines, and some of his favorite music (dubbed, “The Get Up Song of the Day”) …


Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am Desc: Hmmm, we don’t have a bio for them yet, but quad means four… and there are four hosts… and there’s one way to learn about all four of them… so listen in!

Ash’s Rotation

Time: 1:35 pm – 2:35 pm Desc: Howdy and hello! Welcome to Ash’s Rotation, the show where I play y’all some fire tunes and give you a piece of my mind about them. There’s no shortage of different music genres here, so if you’d like to listen to my ramblings from the inner workings of my …


Time: 2:50 pm – 3:50 pm Desc: There’s no description for this show so I’m not too sure what this show is about. However, if you like anime and cool Japanese stuff then you should watch it!

Slacker Hour

Time: 4:05 pm – 5:05 pm Desc: Tune in every Thursday for the slacker rock tunes that’ll keep you from slacking off… enjoy the likes of Pavement, Sonic Youth, Soccer Mommy, and the occasional themed show. Get ready for some noisy highs and chill lows!

The Kickback with Julian Lee

  Time: 4:30 -5:45 pm   Desc: Hello and welcome to the Kickback! America’s favorite radio show, according to my grandma. We listen to hip-hop, pop, and anything that’s in my crazy playlist and your requests! I also give advice and tell stories. Stop by and I’ll give you a shoutout!  

What’s With The Boulevard?

Time: 7 pm – 8 pm Desc: A fun show with interesting themes from several genres, featuring classic rock but with many more thrown in. Hosted by Jovi Roses.


    Time: 10-11 pm   Desc:  “A call to all metallic heshers, greasy punx, industrial noisemongers, and synthwave junkies. D E A T H W A V E S is your Mecca presenting thick slabs of punishing audial assaults back to the roots of degeneracy, while looking towards our future doomsday.”