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Mason Day

Enjoying Mason Day

One big party before getting down to studying is the way to describe Mason Day. Overall the day was great, with nice weather, a great turnout, free food, and a concert to wrap it up. The event was well spread out giving people to move around and see all the different activities going on around. …

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Spring Preview

You know that the year is coming close to an end when you start seeing high school students and their parents roaming around campus. The largest gathering of these prospective students was at the Spring Preview. The tour began at the Patriot Center to start introductions to the school and George Mason pulled out all …

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Rogers and Whitetop Opening Event!

Performance time

On Wednesday, April 11th there was the opening ceremony for the completion of the new resident dorms on campus, Rogers and Whitetop. The event consisted of food, a panel on sustainability, cake, and a concert (featuring Jukebox the Ghost)! There were tours for perspective students and students whom will be moving there next year, to …

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