Spring Preview

You know that the year is coming close to an end when you start seeing high school students and their parents roaming around campus. The largest gathering of these prospective students was at the Spring Preview.

The tour began at the Patriot Center to start introductions to the school and George Mason pulled out all the stops! The perspective students were welcomed in with the passion of music by the Green Machine with “Doc” Nix leading in their iconic and innovative songs. It didn’t stop there, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus’ ringmaster, Brian Crawford Scott, welcomed the students to the spring preview. Giving just a flash to what it is like here at Mason having one of the most used arenas in the area!

After all the formal introductions and explaining what makes George Mason the best university to choose they were separated into three groups to see the dorm life, organizations, and to talk with the different major groups which are taught here on campus.

WGMU held an information table in front of SUB 1 showing what WGMU has to offer. There were many other clubs, fraternities, and on campus organizations to show just a slice of what is offered here at George Mason.  There were many performances held by fraternities, sororities, and clubs. Everyone showed their skills and what opportunities they could have as students of George Mason. Each one talked about what their were working for in George Mason. Everyone showed their skills and what opportunities they could have as students of George Mason. There was also food available when the second group came, giving them the chance to sit down and enjoy the food that Mason has to offer.




WGMU also has great opportunities for students of George Mason- take a look!

Operations Manager: Are you interested in gaining management experience? Want to do a little bit of everything? The position entails overseeing the day to day operations of WGMU and working closely with the General Manager and Program Director. This individual will gain direct management experience by working with the GM to oversee the general staff of WGMU. The goal of the position is to ensure that WGMU is moving forward with its goals, while continuing to uphold its high level of entertaining and professional broadcasting. They would also at times represent the General Manager/Program Director at meetings and work to make sure the staff is keeping up on assignments and etc. Even if you’re not interested in radio, the position is great for those interested in administration and management. This position is for work study or academic credit only.

Sports Director: The Sports Director is responsible for overseeing, and the coordination of, all on-air sports programming with the General Manager and Program Director. They also serve as WGMU Radio’s main liaison to the Department of Athletics and it’s administrators. The Sports Director is also responsible for creating new sports programming and sports content for the station and also updating the sports sections of the website and creating new and updated sports content on WGMU’s site. This position is a weekly salary position.

Director of Engineering: The Engineering Director serves as the chief consultant on audio equipment before the organization makes a purchase, along with basic consultation with the purchase of general technical equipment. They are also responsible for creating new ideas on how to revamp and move forward in the way of our technology in a cost effective manner. When issues arise in the area of audio technical engineering, they will oversee the diagnosis of the problem, along with presenting the staff his/her findings to determine the best course of action. They will also assist with any audio technical duties necessary to see that the station is running smoothly and fully operational to the best standards. The Engineering Director must have great flexibility on being able to respond to technical calls and issues day and night. The Engineering Director will also, at times, be responsible for audio engineering for station events. This position is a weekly salary position.

Assistant Promotions Director: Want to get your hands into the marketing world? WGMU is a great place to start! Work with on-campus organizations and collaborate with the rest of the WGMU staff to reach out to our local community to promote the station. Join the promotions team! This position is for volunteer experience and can lead to some great opportunities.

On-air broadcaster: WGMU is always looking for DJ’s to host shows and it’s the best time to join! We have all new equipment in our on-air studio! Ever wanted to have your own radio show? Want to play the music you want to hear? Have a talk show talking about what you want to talk about? Well you can do that all here with WGMU, even if you don’t have previous experience.  The position is for volunteer experience and does not require a full resume submission; please email wgmuapps@gmail.com

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