Rogers and Whitetop Opening Event!

On Wednesday, April 11th there was the opening ceremony for the completion of the new resident dorms on campus, Rogers and Whitetop. The event consisted of food, a panel on sustainability, cake, and a concert (featuring Jukebox the Ghost)! There were tours for perspective students and students whom will be moving there next year, to see what they could expect from these new dorms.  The event went over well with a great turnout from the student and staff of George Mason, the one complaint would have been the weather, being a bit windy but did not enough hinder the event.

The food at the event was so good and thoughtful of the different diets to all that attended. The panel focused on sustainability and how George Masons faculty,  students, and Jukebox the Ghost’s guitarist, Tommy Siegel, talked about sustainability. They talked about how they perceived sustainability and what ways they are hoping to show others how much sustainability helps the earth. There was much discussion about how art can focus and work with sustainability. They said that most people didn’t associate or expect art to focus on such a topic as sustainability. The panel though disproved this ideal since there were two art majors there with one Professor for the Arts. There was also Dr. Harold Geller, who talked from the astronomer’s perspective of our earth and though it may be small compared to the rest of the universe it is still the place where we live and everything we care for. Tommy Siegle  said that though Jukebox the Ghost does use energy with all their tours, though they are working on ways which they can lessen their foot print on the environment.

There was then a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening and all the hard work which had gone into the creation of Rodgers and Whitetop to be ready for the Spring semester for the freshman living in the commons to move in. This created an early start to the renovation of the Commons. The cakes had the photos of two perspectives of the new dorms, in chocolate and vanilla. The cake was amazing, so WGMU tips their hat off to the chief.  The cake was surrounded by cupcakes of the flavors: vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and strawberry. Everyone was very pleased with the deserts to snack on.

Who Wants Cake?

There was the performance by Jukebox the Ghost to close off the event. Tommy Seigle (Guitarist/Co-Vocalist), Ben Thornewill (Pianist/Co-Vocalist), and Jesse Kristin (Drummer) showed what they had in their performance. They played music from their album, Oh Emily, which is now available on their site! Their performance was great, especially considering there were two electronic problems; once they were fixed they would just dive right back into the music. They showed how much passion they have for music and their love for performing. Tommy and Ben showed off their skills for singing singing alone or as a duet. Jesse showed more of his skills in the background as the show went on with a little flash of a drumstick or a maraca flying in the air. Towards the end of their performance they asked the audience if there were any requests and people chimed in with Jukebox the Ghosts songs. Jukebox the Ghost was a great band to perform for the event and WGMU cannot wait for there next performance here at Mason.

Performance time

Left to Right: Tommy Jesse Kristin (Drummer), Seigle (Guitarist/Co-Vocalist), and Ben Thornewill (Pianist/Co-Vocalist)

The event overall was great, there are now two more dorms to add to the campus list. Adding 600 more beds available to the student population, with a great view.

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