Three Atta Boy Songs Everyone Should Listen To

By Alexandra Henriques

Photo Credits: “Walden Pond” by Atta Boy on Bandcamp

Atta Boy is an indie-pop band that I have been obsessed with recently. Their music grapples with the intensity and fervor of love, to the serenity and peace of merely existing. The listening experience is heavenly, from the strong instrumentals to the touching lyrics. They draw from folk undertones while also incorporating electronic elements that make their music a blend that listeners from many different genres can enjoy. To share my love for Atta Boy, here are three of my favorite songs that I recommend listening to!

“Walden Pond”: The first time I heard this song, I was in the car on a cold night, and it was beautiful. That is what the sentiment of the song is about; based on Henry David Thoreau’s novel of the same name, Atta Boy sings about living life to the fullest, recognizing the beauty that surrounds us, and letting worries and sorrows pass by. It is the embodiment of what serenity sounds like. “Walden Pond” is one of Atta Boy’s more prominent examples of folk-inspired pieces, full of soothing and ambient melodies.

“Madly”: From Atta Boy’s second album, Big Heart Manners, this song expresses a passionate and all-encompassing devotion and love for a person as Eden Brolin, the lead vocalist, croons about all the things she admires about the subject of the song. Atta Boy perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being consumed by affection as they sing about how much they need the person and how they’re enamored by everything, like the peanut butter on their upper lip and grass stains on their jeans. “Madly” brings me to tears, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a song to connect to the exhilarating high of being utterly in love.

“Saccharine”: This song explores the superficiality of relationships when harmful behaviors are involved, such as substance abuse. The song features a stark contrast behind the catchy, upbeat sound and the contemplative lyrics about a lover begging her partner to stop drinking, then reflecting and saying he will realize he should have loved her more later in life. It was the first Atta Boy song I heard and it was incredibly addictive, which led me to check out more of their discography.

Atta Boy is an amazing band, and their music is one of a kind. You can listen to them on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube!

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