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A Conversation with Boyscott

A Conversation with Boyscott By Amal Qazi  I sat down with frontman Scott Hermo to pick his brain about all things Boyscott.  Watch the whole interview here: https://youtu.be/oNm_8sCK5lw?si=bSwXOzfQidkDShC4 ~ Indie rock band Boyscott released their newest single “After Dark” back in August after a release hiatus of around eight years. Their one and only album, Goosebumps, was …

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Three Atta Boy Songs Everyone Should Listen To

By Alexandra Henriques Atta Boy is an indie-pop band that I have been obsessed with recently. Their music grapples with the intensity and fervor of love, to the serenity and peace of merely existing. The listening experience is heavenly, from the strong instrumentals to the touching lyrics. They draw from folk undertones while also incorporating …

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The Northern Point: An Interview With Indie Artist Tyler Gunn

The Northern Point: An Interview With Indie Artist Tyler Gunn By Eli Duncan-High Tyler Gunn is an indie artist from Toronto who fuses psychedelic rock and grunge to make a new and groundbreaking sound and has the talent, character, and drive to become one of the most prominent musicians in the music industry. If you’re …

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