Cypress Hill – Lincoln Theatre

Cypress Hill at The Lincoln Theatre

By Kylie Arbini

Hip-hop groups have been supplying the public with ample avenues of entertainment for decades, but none that have come before or after have been quite like Cypress Hill. The group was formed by Sen Dog, Mellow Man Ace, DJ Mugs, and B-Real in 1988 under the moniker DVX before changing their name to the one hip-hop heads have come to know and love today: Cypress Hill. While the lineup has been altered a time or two and focuses have shifted to solo projects on occasion, the band has remained active since 1988 and their West Coast sound has remained emblematic of the state’s culture throughout it all.  

American hip hop group Cypress Hill pose by a limousine, Los Angeles, United States, August 1998. (Photo by Dave Tonge/Getty Images)

Their sound and style’s consistently mellow attitude, but ability to still pack a punch, has allowed for them to make their way onto all stoner’s playlists for the past few decades—but they’ve also never strayed away from experimenting; notably, working with Sonic Youth on one of the most unique soundtracks of the late 90’s, Judgement Night, to create the song “I Love You Mary Jane”. 

On Tuesday, May 17, Cypress Hill will be bringing that West Coast sound right to the heart of DC at Lincoln Theatre. Tickets are $76 dollars and a dollar from every ticket purchase will go to The Last Prisoner Project. 

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