Track of the Day

Wallows – “OK”

By: Alexandria McAlpine

Known for their mellow 1980s inspired sounds, the indie-rock trio Wallows, comprised of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston released their newest single, “OK,” and it does not disappoint. The first song released since their debut album, Nothing Happens (2019), “OK” is not quite recognizable as a classic Wallows song from its muted introductory tune, until the bright jingle and familiar soothing vocals kick in. The beginning of “OK” is faster-paced and more upbeat; reminiscent from their debut 2017 singles. Halfway through the song they implement a cool-warped vocal verse, leaning into their 80s synth sounds before tapering off to finish with a feel-good melody, recognizable from the sounds on their last album.

“OK” is a great way to start a morning lounging on your back deck (like I am) or move through an exciting afternoon indoors dancing around your living room.  Wallows is right when they ask, “Can we get up and try to feel okay again?” while strumming enticingly on the guitar. The world is getting stranger with each passing day and it’s the little things, like listening to good music, that can help grant a feeling of normalcy again.  




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