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Sunni Colón – “Technicolor”

By: Rhema Johnson

Normally, I tend to play music from the playlists I’ve made, or stay at the top of my library, to hear the recent songs I’ve added when I just want to play some music. Although, the other day, I decided to play my library on shuffle and I heard songs that I haven’t heard in a while! That day, I was also in a pretty good mood and sometimes shuffle can be surprisingly spot on with playing tunes that go along with how you’re feeling. One artist came on, and ever since then I’ve been playing his last EP non-stop; that is Sunni Colón. 

Hailing from Los Angeles, Sunni Colón is a genre-bending artist who wears many hats as an emerging singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and producer. In 2018, Colón released a 7-track album titled, Satin Psicodelic (2018), one that I can play from top to bottom. This EP displays Sunni Colón’s atmospheric sound containing soft, airy vocals and 70’s psychedelic-inspired melodies that will definitely cause you to escape to that happy place in your mind. One of my favorite songs from the album is “Technicolor,” which is a certified mood booster in my book. Serving as the first track, “Technicolor” invites you into the creative, transcendent mind of Sunni Colón with its ethereal synths, a groovy guitar riff and his notable soft vocals. In addition, the song has a constant drum pattern that brings all of the instrumentation together creating a fully hypnotizing experience. If you want a moment to break away from reality for a little while during these trying times, grab your good earphones, relax, and enjoy all that is Satin Psicodelic. 




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