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Yola – Concert Preview

Yola at The Atlantis By Tifa Nguyen Country-Soul music has been rocking in for the year, and it’s about high time. At the forefront of this scene filled with homogeneous smooth R&B inspirations and swaying ¾ time signatures is English singer-songwriter, musician, and actress Yola (also known as Yola Carter).   Although Yola’s music is …

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Mickey Darling – Concert Preview

Mickey Darling at The Atlantis  Go To This Because We Asked So Nicely – A Concert Preview  By Amal Qazi     Mickey Darling is a San Antonio based indie-pop duo comprised of vocalist Skyler Molina and instrumentalist Austin Medrano. With classic indie/bedroom pop instrumentals perfected by Medrano, and vulnerable (often relatable, judging by the …

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