Album Review: Arctic Monkeys – AM



Arctic Monkeys




Domino, September 10 2013


Reviewed by Jon Howard

With four number one albums in the United Kingdom and a rapidly growing fanbase across the pond here in the United States, Arctic Monkeys are under more pressure than ever to continue delivering fresh, well written music with their latest album, simply titled AM. While Arctic Monkeys have always tweaked their musical style between releases, AM often feels like a fair bit more of a departure from their previous work than we’ve become accustomed to. Lead singer Alex Turner has stated in many interviews that AM would draw influence from hip hop, in particular Dr. Dre and Outkast. While the music on the album is still very distinctly Arctic Monkeys, the band’s experimentation with hip hop becomes very clear through Matt Helder’s drumming, such as on the heavy pounding opening track and lead single “Do I Wanna Know?”

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