WGMU Exclusive: Society of Professional Journalists

By: Josh Biedrycki

WGMU’s Josh Biedrycki hosts an interview with Lauryn Cantrell, president of GMU’s Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).

The GMU chapter organizes industry events that connects students to media professionals who work in broadcasting, journalism, and media news outlets. Such opportunities offer insight into the media field through networking, socials with other campus SPJ chapters, conferences, and workshops.

More information can be found at gmuspj.blogspot.com/?m=1.

Feature Photo By (GMU SPJ/Facebook).

Porches at Black Cat DC

Photo By (Fielder Wise/WGMU).

Porches hit the mark with their beautifully Tumblr-grunge aesthetic.

By: Fielder Wise

On March 22, Porches played at the Black Cat in DC, despite the rancid weather.

The first opener was New York-based band named Palberta. The all-girl rock group were super cute and dorky. It was a weirdly grunge rock style of music. After their performance, I expected another odd set with following acts.

The second opener was London-trio Girl Ray. The lead singer came out confident, with a guitar that taped to its strap. What a total switch compared to the primary opener. Instead of a rock approach, these girls mellowed out. They fused alternative with electronic. They got a stiff crowd to sway, which in ways came to a surprise. I could imagine their music be played at a chill house party. Her vocals beautified an already interesting showcase.

Porches came on last as the headliner. The performance that frontman Aaron Maine gave was euphoric. I had no idea of what to expect from him. Without any predispositions, I was truly stunned. The fan base was supportive. The crowd was interactive. Everyone was jamming to songs off of The House (2018) and dancing in unison. At points, Maine talked with the crowd – something I hadn’t seen in concerts prior.

That was something unique. Typically, I feel like artists are distant to their fans, but this being at an intimate venue, there was greater opportunity for this to happen.

Maine was very appreciate of the crowd he always gave his thanks after each song and repeatedly told the crowd how has was for them to be there. Though he had stage shyness and a quiet aura, the music still managed to shine through. And let’s not forget his signature butt shake.

At the beginning of each song, he’d give the crowd a little show, and everyone would go wild! His vibe was everyone else’s.

I didn’t even know Porches before the concert, but now knowing, I will definitely see him again in concert. It was just a beautiful and memorable night. The music was very chill vibes that got you to dance. Additionally, Maine’s stage dancing and crawling with him singing got me just to love the experience more.


WGMU Exclusive: Patriot Pantry

By: Quianna Marissa

WGMU’s Quianna Marissa hosts an interview with Gary Hooker, Director of George Mason University’s Patriot Pantry.

Founded in December 2014, GMU’s Patriot Pantry (originally called the Pop-Up Pantry) is housed under GMU’s Student Support and Advocacy Center (SSAC). Mainly run by volunteers, they provide access to food items, toiletries, and school supplies to in-need students. The office strives to educate the Mason population about food insecurity and homelessness.

More information can be found at ssac.gmu.edu/patriot-pantry/.

Feature Photo By (GMU Patriot Pantry/Facebook).

Moose Blood at 9:30 Club

I’ve been following McCafferty’s rise to stardom within the emo scene since they began writing music in 2012, and this tour is without a doubt the largest bill they’ve been on yet in their career.

By: Christian Hernandez

On Sunday March 18, UK based emo/pop punk band Moose Blood played a banger of a set at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC. The Hopeless Records band began their North American tour on March 14, hitting the road with Arizona indie rock band Lydia and Ohio based indie punk band McCafferty. The band’s third studio album, I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore (2018), was released on March 9 and has proven to be some of the bands strongest material. The combination of the lead singer’s (Eddy Brewerton) very sharp vocals and the heavy riffs from lead guitarist (Mark Osbourne), this album, in my eye, is proving to be on the best pop punk albums of 2018 so far.

The night started off with McCafferty taking the stage promptly at 8 p.m., playing for a nearly packed house. I’ve been following McCafferty’s rise to stardom within the emo scene since they began writing music in 2012, and this tour is without a doubt the largest bill they’ve been on yet in their career. It was cool to see them playing at the 9:30 Club rather than a small bar like the Strange Matter in Richmond, VA where I first saw them a few months ago. They started the set with their newest single, “Strain,” which got the crowd dancing and warmed up quickly. Crowd favorites such as “Alligator Skin Boots,” and “Yours, Mines, Ours”, were the highlights of the set for me. McCafferty’s second studio album, Yarn, is set to be released on March 23rd through Triple Crown Records.

Photo By (Christian Hernandez/WGMU).

Photo By (Christian Hernandez/WGMU).

Lydia, an indie rock band from Gilbert, Arizona went on next and they were better than I had expected. Before the show I had never heard of Lydia before, despite them being an active band since 2003. Although I didn’t know who they were, it seemed like everyone else in the venue did! They played a very hyped set that was accompanied by nearly everyone singing and dancing along to each song played. My favorite part of their time on stage was the bands surprise cover of OutKast’s song “Ms. Jackson“. Their seventh studio album, Liquor (2018) is set to release July 13 and I will for sure keep my eyes and ears out for that release!

Finally, Moose Blood ended the night off by playing 18 of their most popular songs in their discography. Before they began to play any music, lead singer, Eddy Brewerton said to the audience that he had come down with a case of laryngitis and that he would try his best to give us a proper good show. They opened with “Talk in Your Sleep”, the lead single off their newest album. Things really began to amp up when the band transitioned into the song “Bukowski”, which is the perfect sing-a-long to get everyone moving and the momentum continued through the rest of the night. Other notable songs performed that night was “Knuckles” and “Cherry”, which Eddy Brewerton said to the crowd that it was his favorite song the band has ever written because he dedicates it to his wife and daughter whenever they play it live. Although the vocals weren’t the strongest due to illness, the band made up for it with their showmanship and overall putting on a banger of a show.



Coast Modern at 9:30 Club

Photo By (Fielder Wise/WGMU).

Photo By (Fielder Wise/WGMU).

Coast Modern managed to get a still crowd dancing from the very start.

By: Kate Klajbor and Fielder Wise

Weeknights make it difficult to go out into the city, especially when D.C. remains in a weather rut. However, Coast Modern‘s show still went on. The show on March 19, hosted at the 9:30 Club, was an experience unlike any other.

DC-based indie group Dr. Robinson’s Fiasco started the concert. Lead singer Ian Robinson happens to be the cousin of one of the band members in Coast Modern, and had superb vocals. The other instruments were well played, but there was very little stage performance or movement. Not visually appealing for an opener, but they did impress and set an upbeat tone.

Next came another local band, Maryland trio SHAED. A cute girl (vocalist Chelsea Lee) came out with two other guys (twin brothers Spencer Ernst and Max Ernst) – one her fiancé and the other her best friend – which ultimately made for a sort of power group. Songs like “Too Much” and “Perfume” were reminiscent of Disclosure and Lorde, with a touch of ZHU.

Despite faulty equipment, SHAED still sounded wonderful. Their show was heavily driven by technology, especially their computer and a keyboard set up. At first their computer crashed, but that didn’t stop them. They made it up by methodical lighting and a minimalist stage presence. The design allowed for Chelsea to take full control of the stage, without being overlooked by lights and elaborate props. In this case, less was more. Simple stage design, juxtaposed by Chelsea’s vocals and interactivity, and lighting, made for an epic sequel following Dr. Robinson’s Fiasco.

Shortly thereafter, LA-duo (Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp) Coast Modern took the stage. Like the previous artists before them, they also had a minimalist stage. A few LED lights simplified their performance and let their music really show through. California vibes oozed from their setlist, especially singles off their recent self-titled album Coast Modern (2017). Lead vocalist Coleman Trapp used the space to bring songs like “Hollow Life” and “Guru” to life. His stage confidence was reflective of Coast Modern’s upbeat, summery beach sound – quite similar to COIN, Hippo Campus, and BØRNS.

The band managed to get a very still crowd dancing from the very start. Trapp dancing around the stage singing helped enhance the peppiness of the music. Overall, Coast Modern is a great band to listen to if you want to get your dance moves going. Although vocals were shaky and off-key at points, it was still a lively show. Even though the vocals were not the best, Coast Modern was still able to get a crowd dancing and hyped up.


WGMU Hiring For 2018-2019 Academic Year


Join the Team!

WGMU Radio is hiring paid and volunteer executive/general staff positions for the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year. The station is looking to fill six positions.  The list of the six positions are below.  To view the job description, click on the title.

Music Director/Assistant Program Director

Independent/Local Music Director

Sports Media/Sports Programming Director

Marketing Director

Production Director

Director of Engineering (Chief Audio Engineer)


QUALIFICATIONS: Must be an enrolled Mason student for the upcoming year. Must maintain a 2.5 GPA and be familiar with WGMU.

TO APPLY: All interested job applicants should submit a completed WGMU Employment Application and your current resume with a cover letter (references are preferred)  to WGMU General Manager to Sasha Toophanie, WGMU General Manager by email: stoophan@gmu.edu with your name and the position title in the subject line.

Download the job application here: WGMU EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION

The deadline for submissions is Monday, April 9, 2018 at 5pm.

WGMU Radio is an employer of equal opportunity. All genders, races and orientations are encouraged to apply.

Butler Sets Another Record as Mason WBB’s Season Ends in Blacksburg

Photo By (Rafael Suanes/GMU).

Photo By (Rafael Suanes/GMU).

As the Hokies came in the favorite for this game, that did not stop the Patriots from fighting back as they tried to close the gap in late.

By: Domenic Allegra

BLACKSBURG, VA – George Mason (24-10) took on Virginia Tech (20-13) this Sunday in the second round of the WNIT. As the Hokies came in the favorite for this game, that did not stop the Patriots from fighting back as they tried to close the gap in late. However, this one went the Hokies’ way as they won by a score of 78-69. Even though the season is now over, it was most definitely one that will not be forgotten.

Let’s breakdown this game.

Marika Korpinen started again for Mason as Jacy Bolton was still out for undisclosed reasons. Korpinen struggled from the floor with only 2 points and 2 rebounds having played 30 minutes.

Natalie Butler led the team again with 26 points and 20 rebounds, breaking another record in the process, now holding the school record for most points in a season with 653 points. Nicole Cardaño-Hillary added 15 points of her own, three clutch three-pointers, and 4 helpers. Tayler Dodson finished the game with 18 points, 2 three-pointers, 6 rebounds, and dished out seven assists.

VT’s Tayler Emery led her team with 23 points, 4 rebounds, and one three-pointer. VT had almost 5 players score double digits, with Aisha Sheppard just short with 8 points. Mason turned over the ball 17 times, with the Hokies scoring almost 30 points off of Mason’s miscues.

At the beginning of the game Mason stuck with the Hokies up until the 3-minute mark of the first quarter where then Virginia Tech went on an 11-0 run, ending the quarter up 21-15. During the second quarter, Mason struggled to score more than 10 points, and VT was relentless shooting 50% of their field goals and at multiple times being up by as much as 20 points. The Secretary of Defense, Natalie Butler, was not her normal self the first half, and neither was our offense. Mason needed a spark to ignite their play.

In the second half, Mason became as close as eight points behind the Hokies with a score of 55-47. Mason shot a much better 62% from the field, but their comeback was fleeting as VT scored two three-pointers to widen the gap to 14 points. Mason’s defense was much stronger in the paint than it was in the first half, however, Mason’s weak perimeter presence was being capitalized on by the Hokies as they made 9 three-pointers throughout the game. With a minute to go, Mason closed to the gap to only five, before turning the ball over on two consecutive key possessions. Mason then played the “foul game” and VT made four of six free throws to end Mason’s tournament run and season by a score of 78-69.

This was a great season by the Mason Women’s Basketball Team, hopefully they can continue to progress next season without Natalie Butler and Tayler Dodson. They should definitely be proud of themselves as they worked extremely hard and did so many things that have not been done before in school history.

Thanks for an awesome season, ladies, I’ll still be in the Green Machine next year cheering you all on, best of luck.

Stay tuned for a Season Recap on WGMU.

VA Tech Scouting Report and 3 Reasons Why It All Comes Down to This

Photo By (Rafael Suanes/GMU).

Photo By (Rafael Suanes/GMU).

After witnessing history on Friday, Mason will have to step their game up if they want to win their next game.

By: Domenic Allegra

FAIRFAX, VA – After witnessing history on Friday, Mason will have to step their game up if they want to win their next game. George Mason (24-9) will face Virginia Tech (19-13) in Round Two of the WNIT on Sunday, March 18th at 2pm in Blacksburg, VA.

Stats (also found on GoMason and Hokie Sports)

George Mason (Averages):

Points Per Game: 69.2

Points Allowed Per Game: 60.5

Field Goal Percentage: 40.7%

Three-Pointers Per Game: 5.8

Rebounds Per Game: 45.0

Virginia Tech (Averages):

Points Per Game: 72.5

Points Allowed Per Game: 64.7

Field Goal Percentage: 41.2%

Three-Pointers Per Game: 8.0

Rebounds Per Game: 40.0


The season is on the line here and we have to take this team very seriously. Their record may say one thing, but their stats definitely say something else, all you have to do is read between the lines. The Hokies are in the ACC, the Atlantic Coast Conference, a heavy-hitting conference. While VT might have 13 losses, all but 3 come from the ACC and, like Mason, VT has not lost this season to a non-conference team at home, which is worrisome. Mason on the other hand is 1-3 in non-conference away games. While VT’s stats are similar to Mason’s, the strength of the conference in which VT plays kind of skews the numbers to look a lot nicer than they actually are. If Mason wants to win on Sunday, they’ll have to bring their A-game as their record-breaking season could come to a close.

Scouting Report

From what I can see, in order for Mason to win on Sunday, they’ll have to score in the paint, while at the same time scoring off of every turnover that VT gives them. VT also shoots a lot of threes, they attempt almost 25 per game, and if Mason wants to win, they need a strong perimeter presence, much better than what they had against Stephen F. Austin on Friday. A 2-3 zone or tight man-to-man coverage is something that would best fit VT. Furthermore, if Mason can out-rebound VT and score off of those defensive rebounds, and do well from the charity stripe, they’ll have a good chance of winning in Blacksburg.

One last thing that Mason will have to bring to the game on Sunday, discipline. This is key. VT makes about 14 free throws on average with a percentage on the season of almost 73%. I guarantee that 14 points will make or break this entire game. If Mason can limit the number of personal fouls they receive and keep VT away from the foul line, I think they’ll be able to pull this off. Additionally, VT sometimes goes overboard on the personal fouls and Mason will have to capitalize on those opportunities to stay ahead.

Now let’s get to the good part.

3 Reasons Why It All Comes Down to This

  1. VT Is a Great Team. From what I can tell, VT is a great team and to not give them that credit would be doing us a disservice. Mason cannot be overconfident in this one and also let them get in our heads. In order to win, Mason needs to stay focused and work together to keep their season alive.
  2. VT Does Not Let Up When They Are Losing. VT was losing on Friday to Navy at halftime by a score of 37-24. After VT came out of their locker-rooms, they did not allow Navy to score double digits in either of the next two quarters, out-scoring Navy 32-18; talk about a comeback. Mason has to establish their presence in the paint early and not let up on the gas throughout the entire game. Once Mason lets up on that pedal, the score will be going in the opposite direction.
  3. THIS IS ONE AND DONE. Even though these are uncharted waters to us, this tournament is still one and done, and as I discussed in my previous article, the last thing Mason wants is to let this run go to waste. A regular WNIT banner in Eagle Bank is nice, but I personally prefer a WNIT championship one instead.

Let’s go win this game. Best of luck to you all. See you Sunday.

Check gomason.com for more details regarding Sunday’s game and stay tuned for more content from WGMU.

Stay tuned for more sports articles on WGMU in the near future.

Mason Wins First Post-Season Game and Butler Rewrites the Record Books

Photo By (GoMason.com/GMU).

Photo By (GoMason.com/GMU).

Three words. What. A. Game.

By: Domenic Allegra

FAIRFAX, VA – This team continues to rewrite the record books, Mason Women’s Basketball (24-9) has just done something they have not done since their program started back in 1973. They pulled off their first win in the post-season Friday night against Stephen F. Austin (25-7) by a score of 82-75 in Round One of the WNIT. Three words. What. A. Game.

Let’s break this down.

The starting five had a substitution as Marika Korpinen made her first career start as a Mason Patriot. However, Jacy Bolton was mysteriously not dressed for the game despite being on the bench. Hopefully, she’ll be ready to go on Sunday.

Natalie Butler finished the game with 20 points and 22 rebounds; and with that total, she continues her streak with now 32 consecutive double-doubles. This streak is now second all-time in NCAA Division 1 Women’s Basketball History and she’s not done. With her 22 rebounds, she now holds the all-time record for most rebounds in a single season in NCAA Division 1 Women’s Basketball History with 543. Wow.

Nicole Cardaño-Hillary had a game-high of 28 points and 6 assists. Additionally, she was also perfect from the charity stripe going 12-12. Cardaño-Hillary came in clutch with some key three-pointers in the second half and lead the team despite taking a hard fall in the game. Tayler Dodson helped out with 14 points and 6 assists of her own. Mason went 50% (27-54) on overall field goals and 35% (6-17) from beyond the arch. Additionally, Mason out-rebounded SFA recording 45 rebounds to SFA’s 30.

For the Lady Jacks, Chanell Hayes led Stephen F. Austin with 24 points including 6 three-pointers and Imani Johnson finished with 14 points. SFA made 17 3-pointers which, if I’m not mistaken, is the most that has ever been scored by an opponent at Eagle Bank Arena. SFA went 36% (26-71) on overall field goals and 37% (17-46) on 3-pointers.

Mason played a great man-to-man defense by not allowing SFA to shoot in the paint and forced them to shoot threes. Natalie Butler held her ground, and Nicole Cardaño-Hillary did really well on defense keeping SFA on their toes. However, if we want to win this Sunday, we cannot have 24 turnovers as SFA took advantage, and scored 24 points off of those.

The win tonight marks 11-straight home wins against non-conference teams for Mason.

George Mason will face Virginia Tech on Sunday at 2pm in Blacksburg, VA.

Stay tuned for Sunday’s Preview vs. Virginia Tech on WGMU.

Stay tuned for more sports articles on WGMU in the near future.

WNIT Preview and 5 Reasons Why Mason WBB Must Capitalize On This Run

Photo By (Rafael Suanes/George Mason University).

Photo By (Rafael Suanes/GMU).

While most of us were on spring break, Monday night of this week, the Mason Women’s Basketball Team accepted a bid from the Women’s NIT tournament.

By: Domenic Allegra

FAIRFAX, VA – While most of us were on spring break, Monday night of this week, the Mason Women’s Basketball Team accepted a bid from the Women’s NIT tournament. This marks the third time and in program history that we have qualified for the WNIT (2001, 2004, 2018). George Mason (23-9) will face Stephen F. Austin (25-6) out of the Southland Conference on Friday, March 16th at Eagle Bank Arena at 7pm. Let’s breakdown this match up and then talk about why this is monumental.


This season, George Mason has averaged 69.2 point per game while only giving up 60.5 points per game. They have scored an average of 24 field goals per game in addition to 5.8 three-pointers per game. George Mason averages almost 45 rebounds per game, but one should not automatically overlook SFA’s stats. SFA averaged 72.6 points per game while only allowing 57.2. SFA made roughly 7 threes on average in addition to 37 rebounds per game.


Now hold on one second, before you make any commentary on how they outscore us in multiple categories, let me say one thing. Based on what I can tell, the strength of the Southern conference is weak. There only seem to be 2 conference teams that were actually capable of beating SFA and this year in almost every game SFA won, they won by double digits, some by even margins of 70 points. One could say that Dayton only lost one game in conference play this year, and you do not see people calling the A10 a “weak” conference. However, Dayton is going to the NCAA tournament and SFA on the other hand…. was not even initially picked to be in the WNIT. It was not until Rutgers, who declined their bid, that SFA was invited to join the tournament field of the WNIT. That should tell how the WNIT’s committee looks at the strength of all the wins that SFA had in their conference.

Let me just make one thing clear, we should not be worried about this team, for a couple reasons. One, the majority of SFA’s points are made in the paint, and with a 6’5” Natalie Butler, a strong defensive Nicole Cardaño-Hillary, and a good man-to-man defensive strategy, we should be able to keep SFA out of the paint and force them to shoot the outside shots. Second, from what I have seen, in the majority of games that SFA has lost, they have also been out-rebounded. If GMU can grab rebounds and Butler is herself and grabs 20 or so rebounds of her own, I have no doubt that we can beat SFA. Thirdly, SFA is 9-4 in non-conference play, and 8-4 in away games. GMU on the other hand, is a perfect 10-0 in non-conference home games, this should definitely go in our favor as we have the home court-advantage, and the greatest pep band in the country, the GMU Green Machine.

5 Reasons Why Mason Women’s Basketball must Capitalize on This Tournament Run

  1. As stated above, this is only our third post-season tournament appearance, not something that happens very often. To put this in perspective, I was in pre-school at the time the Women’s team in 2004 made their run. Cherish this opportunity and have fun while doing so.
  2. We do not know if we’ll be back next year. With players such as Natalie Butler and Tayler Dodson leaving after this season, who knows if we’ll be back in post-season action next year. This should definitely move you to make a push for a deep run into the WNIT.
  3. We currently have good team chemistry. Every single one of these players play a key role in this team and it allows them to work almost like perfect clockwork. This team is something special and I think Coach Milleson would agree with me. I do not know why it is that this team just sort of “clicked” this season; it could be because of Jacy Bolton, Sarah Kaminski, some of the freshmen such as Nicole Cardaño-Hillary or Marika Korpinen, or it could reason number 4….
  4. NATALIE BUTLER. If the other three reasons are not enough for you, this one should. Just this season, she currently has 521 rebounds, 30-consecutive double-doubles, and has scored over 600 points. We do not want to let this tournament run to end empty handed. Next.
  5. N A T A L I E B U T L E R… I feel as if this one needs more emphasis. You won’t probably see another player like her at Mason for a long long time, if ever. From UCONN royalty, Natalie Butler has more than proved her worth with this squad. Please, please, let’s win this thing while she’s here, what a story that would be.

Now let’s go win this game. Best of luck to you all. See you Friday.

Check http://gomason.com/ for more details regarding Friday’s game and stay tuned for more sports content from WGMU.