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Tuesdays! (Spring 2023)

Welcome to WGMU’s 2023 Taco Tuesday. We didn’t have tacos, but we had great shows! Take a look!

Wake Up with Jake

Time:  9 – 10 am Desc: Come hang out with DJ Jake, who’s just as sleepy as you, but way more motivated to get you both to wake up! Prepare to be blasted until you can’t sleep through class!

Pass the Aux

Time: 10:50 – 11:50 am Desc: Hi and welcome to Pass the Aux, the station where we play your music! Throughout the week I walk around campus and find out what music you are listening to right now! Stay to hear your favorite songs and talking about music and new trends! Hosted by Ky!

Shades of Grey

Time: 1-2 pm Desc: Chill music with DJ ITK. Sometimes inane ramblings and personal opinions.

Between Two Songs with Cecilia

    Time:  3 – 4 pm   Desc:  With a new genre featured each week, Between Two Songs is the music break you need on any Tuesday afternoon. I may not have two ferns, but I’ve got lots of amazing music (which is even better).

The Kylde Show!

Time: 4 pm – 5 pm Desc:  Well, Kylde doesn’t have a description but I can DEFINITELY confirm that Kylde WILL be on it and it IS a show.

Tasteful Tuesdays with Emily

Time: 5-6 pm Desc:  Looking to expand your music taste? We’ll listen to everything from Hippo Campus to Weezer, Clairo to Tyler Childers. I’ll share information about concerts in the area, and maybe you’ll find a new favorite artist! Looking forward to spending my Tuesday evenings with you!

Nick @ Night

Time: 8-9pm Desc:  “Do you enjoy music? Then tune in to the music place to listen to music. Whether your studying for an assignment, chilling out and relaxing or anything in between, Nick @ Night (but not that one) has got the vibes for you. The only genre of music that is played is good …