Album Review: Fight Night Singles

Local group Fight Night consists of GMU alumni Josh Grant and fellow musician Andy Gruhin. This group has recently released 2 songs as part of their upcoming EP: Underground. The first song released, Call Me Back, was dropped on August 12th, and since has gained an enormous amount of traction with reviews by EDM blogs and over 8,000 plays on Soundcloud. This electronic-pop song is relatable on many levels, with an extremely catchy chorus and the voice of singer Andy Gruhin is nothing short of captivating. The sound mixing and instruments in the background are unique, and the heavy bass makes the song more passion-inducing. This song is about never hearing back from someone, whoever that may be to the listener.

Follow Through is the second song dropped on September 9th. Starting a little more aggressive and passionately, the listener is immediately sucked in. This song tunes more of a punk-rock/EDM mixture, and the sound mixing after the base drop is more of a quirky, different approach to an otherwise emotional song. Gruhin’s voice in this song is more passionate, and more aggressive than the more mellow Call Me Back. Fans on Soundcloud were more than excited about this single, and openly expressing their excitement for the whole EP. This song has over 6,000 plays on the bands page.

EDM Tunes says Fight Night is “definitely a group to keep your eyes on for original productions that actually have a sheen of quality around them.”

To hear/download Call Me Back or Follow Through, check out Fight Night’s Soundcloud here.

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