WGMU Is Hiring

WGMU is filling positions for the Fall 2015 – Spring 2016 academic year and is now accepting applications. See position descriptions below.

To apply submit  a completed WGMU Employment Application and your current resume with a cover letter (references are preferred)  to WGMU Program Director Jesse Robinson by email: jrobin28@masonlive.gmu.edu with the position title in the subject line.

The deadline to apply is April 3rd.

Download the application here: WGMU EMPLOYMENT APP

Available Positions

Program Director:  Direct oversight of our on-air studio with 45+ DJ’s on-air, along with being responsible for the programming of over 65 hours of live and original programming on every week. Executes and has authority over the rules and regulations set forth by the WGMU Staff and General Manager for DJ Policy’s. Also assists with the training and organization of volunteers and new students. Responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the WGMU Production Studio including: overseeing equipment, scheduling of the studio, training people on production studio equipment along with maintain the integrity of the studio.

Production Director: Focuses on producing written and recorded audio promotions and public service announcements for DJ’s to read or play during their shifts. Assists the Program Director with training DJ’s in the Production Studio and Practice Studio and manages the Production Studio schedule. Also assists with the management of the station’s website and its content.

Media Relations Director: WGMU’s main point of contact with musicians and their management, venues, and promoters. Primary roles include arranging interviews for the station’s on-air personalities in addition to working with venues and promoters to run ticket promotions.

Music Director: Works directly with record labels and  distributors. Reviews music submissions  and helps shape the sound of the station by adding music into rotation. Manages and tracks the song charting for the station.

Local Music Director: Assist Music Director in reviewing local music submissions for quality and conformity to WGMU airplay regulations. Interest and knowledge of local scene is a plus. Interview opportunities are possible.

Deputy Promotions Director: Assists Promotions Director in promoting WGMU through various outlets of social media as well as in person appearances to spread information for the station and about ticket giveaways through JC kiosks.


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