WGMU Staff Position Openings Fall 2014

There will be three paid positions opening up for the Fall 2014 semester. If you are interested in applying, please see the bottom of the post for requirements and instructions. Follow the steps closely. If you do not follow the instructions properly, your application will be automatically disqualified.

The application period will be open from April 15th, 2014 until April 21st, 2013 at 11:59 PM. No final decisions will be made before that point. You will be notified within 3 business days of us receiving your application whether or not you will be given an interview with the General Manager.

For more information, full position descriptions, or questions, email GM Storm Paglia: spaglia@masonlive.gmu.edu

Director of Media Relations
Duties entail contacting artists throughout the industry to arrange interviews, contacting local entertainment venues to secure tickets for concerts and events, and working with DJ’s to organize interviews and giveaways.

Deputy Promotions Director
Duties entail being the main assistant to the Promotions Director, working with DJ’s to promote their shows, assisting in overseeing the station’s social media accounts, and organizing/staffing station promotional events.

Deputy Production Director
Duties entail assisting the Program Director in day to day operations, producing the station’s Public Service Announcements, producing all on-air advertisements, and overseeing the Production Studio schedule.

*Instructions and Requirements *

Only those who currently are and will be a GMU full-time undergraduate student in the Fall of 2014 and Spring 2015 may apply.

All applications must go through the GMU Student Media Application found at: http://c2ms.info/osmapply

Please note on the application:

-The position(s) you are applying for.

-Whether or not you are work-study eligible OR interested in holding the position as internship academic credit.

You DO NOT need attach your resume to the application – see below… you must follow up with the additional steps.


Email info to GM Storm Paglia: spaglia@masonlive.gmu.edu

The position(s) you are applying for.

A general idea of your availability (try to work out your class schedule for next semester).

A copy of your resume with a cover letter.


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