Track of the Day

Vundabar – “Chop”

By: Jesse Benitez

Last night, I had plans from a while back to see Vundabar live for the first time in the nation’s capital. Due to the on-going pandemic, however, I resorted to listening to their music in my home instead. I spent most of the night revisiting Gawk (2015), the second full-length album the trio released. The first track off the record titled, “Chop,” features some rambunctious chord progressions paired with squawky vocals. The whole album itself is boisterous, ear-piercing, and husky— all the best things reminiscent of good old garage encapsulated into one album. The guitars in “Chop” feel hoarse but still zippy, and I can’t help but bop to the sludginess within the song. It’s weird, because in some ways the tune is poppy and jaunty, but at the same time gruff and raucous. The juxtaposition of these two colliding sounds within the song is what works for me. Their most recent album may not be as garagey as Gawk (2015), but it’s still worth a good listen. Check out Vundabar’s latest release, Either Light (2020).




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