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Jarami (feat. Cautious Clay) – “Post Mates”

By: Faby Velasquez

Dancing is human. No skill is ever required to jive, and that’s freeing. 

Jarami, renowned Swedish electronic production duo, collaborate with GW alum and contemporary R&B singer, Cautious Clay, to create a dreamy track; perfect for some quality evening vibes.

Whether you are taking a drive to clear your mind and get some fresh air, or needing a boost while getting though online assignments, this song meets the mood. 

Post Mates” is filled wall to wall with a funky baseline, ethereal electronics, and smooth vocals that cradle you as you bop. Rather than his usual indie projection, Cautious Clay’s voice is given a new stage as Jarami pulls back from their usual, hyper upbeat style. With these varying styles put into play, we are met with something unique and dare I say, kind of addictive?

The lightness of Clay’s voice through the verses and chorus is unwavering as they cut through the beat and lift you up. The lyrics reflect longing but also acceptance, and bring a peaceful tone to match its musicality. At the end of the day this track is nothing short of soulful. 

For now, the dance-floor is at home but that doesn’t mean you’re dancing barefooted alone. 





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