Track of the Day

Cleo Sol – “Rose in the Dark”

By: Rhema Johnson

I believe we can all agree with Jesse that music has served as the main source of escapism during this stressful period. Being home, artists have retreated to livestream concerts, nostalgic DJ battles, releasing albums/singles/EPs, etc. in order to help bring the collective together and keep us uplifted. On a personal note, I’ve been on a UK Jazz/R&B binge recently (thanks to the UK Jazz playlist on Spotify) and one artist that I’ve been following for a while, Cleo Sol, released her album, Rose in the Dark (2020) on March 27th. Cleo Sol is a R&B singer/songwriter who hails from London and is notable for her mellow vocals and soulful, cinematic instrumentation. In addition, Sol incorporates beautiful harmonies that accompany her vocals and when it’s fused with orchestral arrangements, it creates her enticing sound that can truly move your spirit. “Rose in the Dark,” is a track from the album that has a classic, vintage feeling with its steady tempo, deep melodic background vocals, smooth bass-line and gentle guitar licks. With her crisp, ambient vocals, Sol lyrically moves the listener through her personal journey of self-awareness and healing while also serving as a form of support and encouragement. Why is this track of the day? Well, I’ve observed that being home has caused individuals to go into deep reflection and come face to face with, “The Man in the Mirror.” Sol describes a similar experience within the song and repeats, “hold out a little longer, it’ll be alright,” reminding listeners of the light at the end of the tunnel. So, give this track a listen and let the rhythms nurture you during this time as it has for me!




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