The Plugs w/ Tiera Dobbins, NFL writer for ‘’

img_0246Dobbins currently writes out of Cincinnati, Ohio. We first asked Dobbins how it felt to be a Steelers fan living in the same town as their rivals. We then asked Dobbins about and her opinion of being a female sports writer in a ‘so called’ male dominant industry. We dove into the Steelers surprising 4-4 record up until this point, and their 14-21 loss vs. their rival Baltimore Ravens from MT&T Bank last Sunday. We asked Dobbins what her most intriguing story-line was this NFL season so far, and what she looks forward to most in the second half of the season. You can read all of Dobbin’s articles on the NFL and Steelers on You can also follow Dobbins on TWITTER @_Dobbins_ & INSTAGRAM @_dobbins








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