THE PLUGS Host Brett Richard of “Fit Project Radio”

Brett Richard is the host of “Fit Project Radio” that airs on ESPN 99.3 SW Florida & ESPN 980 Orlando. Brett isn’t your typical sports talk host. Most major sports media outlets cover the top 5% of professional athletes (EX: LeBron James, Tom Brady, Bryce Harper, Lionel Messi, etc.). What Brett does with “Fit Project Radio” is cover the ‘other 95% of athletes’, that other major sports networks don’t. THE PLUGS recorded their time with Brett in four parts, which you can hear below.

Part 1: Engaging the Audience

Part 2: Overexposure & Hollywood Experience

Part 3: Sensitive Sports Topics

Part 4: Generalizations in Sports Analytics & ESPN Departures

You can listen to Becker, Amro, and Chris on THE PLUGS every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30 on WGMU by visiting, RadioFlag, and Tuned In apps.

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