It’s All In Your Head by Dandelion Hands: The Perfect Autumn Album

It’s All In Your Head by Dandelion Hands: The Perfect Autumn Album

By Alexandra Henriques | Top Tracks: How To Never Stop Being Sad, I Like You, My Friends Don’t Know (I Know They Hate Me)

Photo Credits: Dandelion Hands on Bandcamp

As temperatures finally start to drop and the leaves on campus begin turning lovely oranges and reds, it is time to break out the mellow, ambient music that embodies fall. It’s All In Your Head by Dandelion Hands is the perfect album to shuffle while walking to class on these cool mornings. The mix of fuzz and electronic distortion featured in most tracks from the album creates a bittersweet, melancholy feeling that parallels the shift in seasons this time of year brings.

“Breathe” is the perfect song to listen to when the sun is setting during the early afternoon. It feels like the onset of seasonal depression as the weather shifts, and it’s almost eerie with Neck Heck’s, the lead of the band, muffled croons. “If I Stare at the Clock Long Enough” is another notable example of Heck’s throaty vocals as the song progresses between singing and spoken word. It is a sorrowful song about how the progression of time can lead to loss, leaving a person missing what once was.

These feelings carry over into the song “I’m The King of the Dead, Check Out My Thorny Crown.” It’s one of the most melancholy and slow songs off the album, with very few lyrics. This makes it a good song to put on in the background of study sessions if you are looking for something soothing and quiet!

It’s All In Your Head also features Dandelion Hands’ most popular song: “How To Never Stop Being Sad.” It’s a song about finding comfort in depression, driving yourself deeper into misery without attempting to claw yourself out. While it sounds more upbeat and lighter than most of the other tracks off the album, it is the saddest lyrically. Heck said that they were inspired to write this song by a dream that gave the lyrics to them.

The album ends with the song that gave the album its namesake. “It’s All In Your Head” sounds like an instrumental lullaby. It is soothing and bright, making it an excellent choice for a song to put on while going on a walk and admiring the beauty of fall. It sets itself apart from the rest of the album as a positive ending, which is a beautiful thing.

Overall, It’s All In Your Head sounds like the highs and lows of the season, making it the perfect album to shuffle this month.

You can stream the album and the rest of Dandelion Hands’ music, on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music.

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