Ghost Interview with a “Nameless Ghoul” (Part 2)


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Ghost is a heavy metal band from Sweden. They are widely known for their unique themes and stage presence, especially the fact that their identities remain anonymous. They are fronted by Papa Emeritus, who is depicted as the “Anti-Pope”. All instrumentalists are known as “Nameless Ghouls”, and perform masked on stage. The band is surrounded by controversy regarding their dark “satanic” themes in both their lyrics and live performances. However, they have been quoted as an “entertainment act”, regarding these themes and theatrics as tongue-in-cheek. DJ Matt Dotson (Up To Eleven) and IV Estate writer Connor Smith had the opportunity to interview a Nameless Ghoul from Ghost, to provide a preview of the band’s show at the Fillmore on Tuesday, September 22nd. They discuss the ideology behind Ghost’s art, coincidental tour dates aligning with the Pope’s visits, and even inspiration from Hollywood.

Be sure to visit after the date of the Ghost concert for a written review by IV Estate writers Connor Smith and Jesse Harman.

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