bixby and ericdoa at Union Stage: Concert Recap 

bixby and ericdoa at Union Stage: Concert Recap 

By Alexandra Henriques

Photographed by Alexandra Henriques

bixby performing at Union Stage on February 13th.

On February 13th, ericdoa, alongside his opener, bixby, performed a sold-out show at Union Stage in Washington D.C. ericdoa is a 21-year-old artist who combines hyper pop, emo-rap, and alternative rock to form his impressive discography which has accumulated over 1.2 million listeners on Spotify. The Dead on Arrival tour celebrates his newest album, DOA, released on January 19th this year.  

bixby, the opener of the 24-show tour, started the concert with a high-energy set and a smile on his face. The show began on time, and bixby quickly had the crowd jumping and putting their hands up. He even taught them lyrics to his songs and had the audience sing his music back to him. bixby performed nine songs, two of which were unreleased. “Desire” is currently unreleased with no known release date, but “Distance” has a release date of February 23rd. His set ended around 8:30. 

During the intermission between bixby and ericdoa, security passed out water and encouraged the audience to be gentle with each other. It was great to see with respect to concerts lately where concertgoers have passed out or been hurt due to dehydration and pushing. ericdoa came out around 8:45, opening his set with the sound of a telephone going to voicemail before he started singing “kickstand.”  

ericdoa as the audience chanted for him to remove his shirt.

ericdoa was happy to be in Washington, D.C., and shared that the last time he was in the city, he performed a show with a 103 degree fever. This time, he felt great, evident as he danced on stage with the guitar player and jumped around. About midway through the show, he complained about how hot it was, prompting the audience to chant “Take it off!” about his shirt, which he did. The audience and ericdoa had so much energy, with ericdoa instructing the audience to jump during his favorite song in the setlist, “ocd,” and later, to form a mosh pit. He kept urging the audience to create a wider circle in the middle of the floor before everyone came together as he sang “primadonna.” He shared that the first time he started a mosh pit was also in D.C., so it was fitting to come full circle. 

ericdoa performing “paystub”.

ericdoa ended the show with a mashup of “>one – greater than one,” “fantasize,” and “movinglikeazombie.” He started the mashup with an acoustic sound before switching to the high-energy, techno sounds from the original recordings. It was an amazing finish for the concert, keeping the energy up until the end. The audience, myself included, left the show sweaty but exhilarated. ericdoa puts on a great show, so I recommend seeing him the next time he visits the DMV area!  

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