Walkabout EP: It’s All Make Believe

Fairfax-native band Walkabout released their EP on June 30th. It’s All Make Believe is a set of seven punk-rock songs that are bound to channel your inner-angsty self. The seven songs remind me of a Simple Plan meets My Chemical Romance, with some songs instilling a lot more emotion.

While the EP in its entirety creates an empowering and relatable feeling, the guitar playing in the songs stands out to me as being most impressive. The rhythm and the background sound created by the guitarist make these songs particularly stand out. In the third song, Headlong Into Walls, the guitarist almost contrasts with the vocals creating a very unique sound and catchy sound.

The expertly played instruments combined with a Pierre Bouvier-voice makes this album stand out as a more empowering 90s punk-rock sound; a sound that we don’t hear as often these days.

Check out It’s All Make Believe here.

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