Meet The Staff

The staff of WGMU is comprised of Executive Staff.

Executive Staff are departmental directors, led by the General Manager, who is charged with running the day to day operations of the station.

Rodger Smith

Faculty Advisor Name: Rodger Smith Title: WGMU Faculty Advisor/Department of Communication Professor Year: Graduated in 1986! And 1992 (MBA) Major: Communication Arts, James Madison University : MBA, Shenandoah University Position Description: Serve as an advisor for the student run campus radio station. Also, I am a term Instructor in the Department of Communication. What you …

Bryan Childers

General Manager   Name: Bryan Childers Year: Junior Title: General Manager Major: Environmental Science Position Description: The General Manager serves as the student leader for WGMU and consults with the faculty advisor on the overall station direction and management. Additionally, the GM supervises all Executive Staff members and is responsible for the totality of WGMU. What you love …

Anna Wood

Music Director   Name: Anna Wood Year: Sophomore Title: Music Director Major: Communications Position Description: The station music director oversees all music operations within WGMU Radio. They chart all songs played weekly for submission to record promoters and coordinate all music into our automated system. They review all music sent to the station and oversees the music review board. They …

Program Director

Program Director   Position Description: The Program Director is primarily responsible for maintaining the on-air, production and practice studio. The PD is the primary enforcer of WGMU policies and regulations, in addition to ensuring charting and scheduling tasks are completed. Volunteer and COMM 148 and 348 students will primarily be in contact with the PD for …

Production Director

Production Director   Position Description: The production director oversees the management of all PSA creation and production at WGMU. They manage the production studio, including weekly and permanent scheduling, as well as upkeep of studio computer, sound equipment, and audio files.    

Marketing Director

Marketing Director   Position Description:  Organizer of station interviews and on-air ticket giveaways. The main point of contact between the station and artists/venues/management teams. Ticket “wrangler” for station giveaways on social media and on-air during shows. Marketing oversees publicizing interviews and giveaways. In charge of promotional materials and events.