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Kylie Arbini

Music Director

Year: Junior

Title: Music Director

Major: Communication

Host of: Slacker Hour

Position Description: I approve any and all music played on WGMU, along with the music placed in the studio (except locals). I’m responsible for reviewing music that is submitted to WGMU for on-air play, and responsible for the rotation selection, music being played through our off-air rotation on the OTS computer, charting to Spinitron, and other duties. Additionally, I program content highlighting the rotation selection on WGMU. I am the station’s representative to record labels, large or small, and work with them closely to gain music for our station’s rotation, along with forming partnerships.

What you love about WGMU: I love that WGMU has provided me with an outlet for my love of music. Through the radio, I’ve met some of my closest friends and have developed an even deeper connection with music.

Hobbies: All things music (concerts / vinyl / mediocre bass and guitar playing), watching horror movies, being far too obsessed with my dogs (Ziggy + Leeloo) and Gilmore Girls.

Favorite Bands/Artists: Jawbreaker / The Clash / Momma / Nirvana / Sonic Youth / PJ Harvey / The Breeders / Wolf Alice / and so many more… don’t get me started folks.

Reach Amal and I at our Music Director email:

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Instagram: @slackerhour and @arbini.mp3
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