The Duskwhales Self-Titled Album

The Duskwhales self-titled album was released in 2014, and has not gotten nearly as much attention as it deserves. This indie-pop-rock band plays music outside of our usual local artists, they play music we’re not necessarily used to hearing here in Fairfax. Some songs sound more relaxed and easy-going, like their song “Lavender Ladies”, and “Honeycomb” while other songs are more motivating and pump-up songs like “I Won’t Be Your Sun” or “Peggy Sue”.

This album is refreshing, and gives local listeners a high quality indie-rock album from right in our back yard. There are three members of the band, one of which is a senior at George Mason (see the Fourth Estate article on The Duskwhales here). The band, and their album, creates catchy, yet thought-provoking music. This album is the kind of music I’d want to see live, I’d want to dance to and hang out to, and it provides a modern twist on what sounds very similar to 60s rock.

If you like rock, if you like supporting local bands, and you like good music, The Duskwhales self-titled album “The Duskwhales”, is for you. Their album is available online, and keep an ear out for their songs in our radio rotation.

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