American Holly EP: Four Ways to Say Goodbye Forever

Released September 5, DC-based folk-rock band American Holly dropped four emotionally-charged, but soothing songs. With the sound of a modern-day Beatles, American Holly creates an EP of four songs that also doubles as a guide for getting away from whatever relationship you need to get away from.

The first song, “Sensitive Skin” advises the listener to escape via an honest confession. The second song, “Singapore Song” creates a sadder, more lullaby-esque vibe, instilling a little more emotion and providing a little more insight into the sadness of the situation. After that, “Sound Sleepers” highlights the difficulty of the situation, and the final song “Speaking Spanish” emphasizes the fact that there isn’t anything else to say.

These songs provide a relatable situation, in both an upbeat and more mellow way. Two of these songs are more charismatic and supportive, while the other two are slower and  highlight the struggle and negative emotions. This EP is a must-listen for anyone needing inspiration, or quite frankly anyone looking for a new folk-rock band.

Check out Four Ways to Say Goodbye Forever here.

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