Album Review: Fight Night Underground EP

My last review of this group was before the release of their whole EP. Call Me Back and Follow Through were already released, and both were flawless. The release of Fight Night’s EP Underground comes with three more songs: Living a Lie (ft. ChooKy), Forever, and Keep Me in Your Heart (ft. ian).

Now I don’t know anything about ChooKy, or ian, but god bless their addition to these songs. They would have been great songs regardless, but adding more talent never hurts.

Living a Lie is a song about a relationship falling apart, two people no longer knowing each other. It’s about abuse and how it came between them, about how they aren’t what they were. A super uplifting theme, right? Whatever, it’s really good. The passion behind the singers voice is incredible and will absolutely get you caught up in your feelings (in a good way). This is one of those “post-breakup listen to loudly in your car” kind of songs that sometimes you just really need to hear.

Keep Me in Your Heart starts with a more uplifting beat, then with the artist recognized as “ian” coming in with her stupidly great voice. I don’t know much about her, but I’ll definitely figure that out. The contrast between her voice and singer Andy Gruhin’s is absolutely beautiful. The connection between their lines and their voices is incredibly moving. About the song, music blog Milk Crater says “Keep Me in Your Heart catches your ear from the very first beat and holds on tight until the final vocal run, where it leaves you wanting more.”

Forever is the last addition to this EP, and it’s really pretty. The song starts softer, not as much power as the other ones. It’s about the singer thinking about getting their life together, and hoping everything workds out. Kind of like a lot of us do, especially in college (except maybe with a little less intensity).

“The two have developed a really dope and original sound by combining punk-inspired vocals with lush, electronic-influenced instrumentals.” – Good Music All Day says about Fight Night musicians, Josh Grant and Andy Gruhin.

“With under 3k fans on Soundcloud, Fight Night is the definition of upstart. These early cuts are a sign of big things to come.” – EDMTunes on Fight Night being up and coming.


When I hear EDM I want to hear super cool beats, and moving lyrics, which is exactly what this EP delivers. Read my last review on Fight Night here, and download their EP for FREE on their website here.

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