At the conclusion of this semester we have three Executive Staff level paid positions opening.

If you are interested in applying, please see below and follow the steps closely. If you do not follow the instructions properly, your application will be automatically disqualified.

You will be notified within 7 days of us receiving your application whether or not you will be given an interview with the Program Director and the respective outgoing departmental director. Our Faculty Adviser, Prof. Rodger Smith, might also sit in on these interviews.

  • Music Director: The MD is responsible for the entire station’s music supply. This includes, but is not limited to, all music on the general shelves, rotation and all music in the automation system. The MD is responsible for the approval of any music to be played on WGMU. He/she is also responsible for communicating with record labels, their representatives, promotion companies, bands, artists and etc. He/she is also responsible for charting/logging all music played by on-air personalities to the College Music Journal. Additional duties may be assigned. Think of it this way, the MD shapes the sound of WGMU. Having a vast background/knowledge of music is a plus.
  • Promotions Director: Assumes the responsibility to market and promote WGMU throughout the University community and the D.C. metro area. Works in coordination with other University offices or student organizations to form relationships and co-sponsorship of events. Works closely with all members of the WGMU staff in promoting the things they are doing. Works to promote the on-air broadcasters of WGMU and their shows. The Promotions Director is also in charge of overseeing the production of various events WGMU is the main sponsor of throughout the year. Goal of this position is to raise awareness of the station and attract more listeners. Background in promotional work and/or related studies is a plus.
  • Assistant Program Director for Broadcast Operations and Production: Due to budget constrictions, the position of production director is being scrapped and combined with the APD position. The current holder of this position is interim, therefore it is being posted. The APD is responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the on-air and production studios. This includes, but is not limited to, the on-air program schedule, the production studio schedule, creation of PSAs, some creation of station commercials, overseeing the enforcement of all WGMU policies that pertain to the broadcasters and those who use the Production Studio. The APD is a broadcasters first contact for any and all matters related to the on-air and production studios. He/she also serves as the senior adviser to the Program Director on all matters pertaining to WGMU. He/she may be assigned additional tasks related to the programming/operational aspects of WGMU. Proficiency in Adobe Audition and management experience is a plus.

Instructions and more information:

  • Only those who currently are and will be a GMU undergraduate student in the Fall of 2011 may apply.
  • The closing date for these positions is May 6th at 5pm. Applications received after then will not be considered. All final decisions will be made after May 6th.
  • All information should be emailed to wgmuapps@gmail.com from your GMU email address. Submission in a single PDF file is preferred, but separate documents are acceptable.
  • Each position listed is for $100 per week, at least 10 hours per week required.
  • Please note the position(s) you are applying for.
  • Please note whether or not you are work-study eligible OR interested in holding the position as internship academic credit.
  • A general idea of your availability.
  • A copy of your resume with at least 2-3 examples of related work experience.
  • Cover letter including two specific ideas on how you’d use the position to make WGMU more valuable, engaging and available to the Mason community.

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