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The Black Keys – “Weight of Love”

By: Melissa Borgen

I was able to rediscover “Weight of Love” by The Black Keys through an Instagram post I’m partaking in called the “30-Day Song Challenge.” Each day, it prompts you to choose a song based on the description to share with your followers. This one was “A song to drive to”. I remember going to my local Barnes and Noble to purchase this album in the summer of 2014. I got in my car, took off the plastic and marveled at the hot pink and blue color swirl of the cd. I lowered the windows, inserted the cd and took to the streets of Miami. The sun was giving off that bright orange light just before it sets. The humid air frizzing up my curls. The first track started to play. It begins softly, steadily. Eerily peaceful. The longer it plays, the more my heartbeat becomes one with it. The momentum is there but it doesn’t overtake just yet. Teases.

The melody builds up the excitement of better days to come. It gives you those butterflies you get the day before you start something new. The increase of the guitar solo had me begging for a red light so I could close my eyes and just feel what Dan Auerbach’s fingers were creating. The climax is mesmerizing; addicting. They finish off lightly to have you come back to reality with just enough time to play it again.


“Weight of Love” is the first track on The Black Keys’ eighth studio album, Turn Blue, released in 2014. It’s the follow up album to their highly popular El Camino (2011) record. Writers and producers were Dan Auerbach, Danger Mouse, & Patrick Carney.


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