The North Country – Concert Preview

The North Country at Culture House DC

Go To This Because We Asked So Nicely – A Concert Preview 

By Amal Qazi

Facebook; The North Country


The North Country is an experimental pop ensemble from Washington D.C. composed of frontman Andrew Grossman, vocalist Margot McDonald, keyboardist Laurel Halsey, guitarist Jon Harmon, bassist Austin Blanton, and drummer Kirk Kubicek. 

Though pop ensemble is the easiest way to describe them, The North Country can’t be pigeonholed into or as any one genre produce something different with every track. Their lyrics hold weight discussing issues of today, while the music they play contrasts with bright synths and instrumentals from all six members. Their shows have been praised as a blast, and as is perfectly demonstrated in their next show at Culture House D.C. they’re not afraid to push boundaries. Taking place in a hip D.C. art gallery featuring music from ViRG, lasers by Zak Forrest, and a VR show by Ian McDermott, this show is sure to be an experience. Personally I have no idea what to expect but from their music and the way the event is listed as a “Multi-Sensory Meltdown” has me firstly excited and secondly just so interested. If you’re looking for Friday night plans different than the usual dinner or a movie this is for sure the way to go.


The 5 W’s (and a few H’s)

Who: The North Country and ViRG 

What: Experimental D.C. pop with a touch of lasers and VR

Where: Culture House DC, 700 Delaware Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024

When: Friday March 29th, doors at 7 PM

Why: Friday night with lasers.

How you might know them: Local band with over 16K monthly listeners, their song “Be Here Be Now” has more than 18K streams on Spotify.

How to go: Tickets are $25 on Eventbrite


To keep up with The North Country you can follow them on Instagram @thenorthcountry, support them on Bandcamp and listen to them anywhere you stream music.

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