The Ar-Kaics self-titled album

The Ar-Kaics self-titled album was released in 2014, which means I’m way behind the times. Hailing from Richmond, the Ar-Kaics label themselves as “trogdolyte teanbeat 60’s-style punk”. I label them as the lovechild of the Beatles and the Arctic Monkeys.

The voices and guitar in some songs, such as “Get My Way” and “You’ll Be Mine” heavily reflect that of the Beatles. You can practically hear the teenage rock fans squealing when they perform. Alternatively, other songs such as “Ain’t Gonna Hold Me Down” sound a little more indie-rock, reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys.

Then there are other songs, such as “Be My Baby” and “This Time Tonight” that are completely unique to their own sound, combining emotionally-charged lyrics with hard rock instrumentals. They go from rock, to mellow, to grunge-punk.

However, no matter what way you turn it, the Ar-Kaics music will make you want to bang your head to the music or jump around in circles. They will make you reminisce over other rock bands, then obsess over the songs that sound like nothing else you’ve heard.

Check out the Ar-Kaics on Facebook here, and check out their Bandcamp here.


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