Teenage Fanclub – Concert Preview

Teenage Fanclub at 9:30 Club

By Kylie Arbini


Teenage Fanclub

Since 1990 (and before punk famously broke), Teenage Fanclub has been a driving force within the indie realm due to their purposeful, powerful pop rock sensibilities. Aside from powerful being a perfect adjective to describe the band, it’s also exactly what they are: powerful pop, more familiarly known as the genre shorthand “power pop”. Bands like The Jam, Big Star, and many of their mid-to-late-80’s era pop rock contemporaries passed the baton to Teenage Fanclub when the 90’s rolled around, allowing a fresh new take on the genre to emerge. Since their incredible inception, the band has recorded countless records that comfortably encapsulate the simplistic beauty of being alive and the torment of being in love. Over the course of their 13 albums, the band has covered a lot of material that has cometo inspire the future musical endeavors of artists like Vampire Weekend and Phoebe Bridgers, with Bridgers accurately calling them “the hookiest, coolest band ever”.

Teenage Fanclub has been there for many, musician or not, and has rightfully become a staple of the indie music scene with their album Bandwagonesque still being visually unmistakable and musically brilliant. The fan club remains strong to this day with 9:30 club being one of the biggest fans of the bunch; this upcoming show will be their eighth at the venue. It’s never too late to join yourself! Listen to Teenage Fanclub’s newest record Nothing Lasts Forever and catch their upcoming show at 9:30 Club on Friday, April 26th! 

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