North American Band Boyscott at The Lincoln Center in New York City: Concert Recap

Boyscott at The Lincoln Center in New York City: Concert Recap 

By Alexandra Henriques


Alexandra Henriques

On January 5th, North American band Boyscott performed in the small atrium of the Lincoln Center in New York City. The performance was very intimate, with very few chairs and most people standing around the stage. It was a free event, which led even non-fans to the concert, though as I heard from the people standing behind me, they loved it and could not wait to listen to Boyscott’s music on a regular basis.  

The lead and founder of the band, Scott Hermo, kept the energy going throughout the concert, opening with a series of jokes calling New York City the “windy city,” “city of angels,” “garden city,” and “city of cheese.” He repeatedly thanked the crowd for showing up before opening with their song “Marco Polo.”   

Boyscott only has one full-length album released, though they released a single called “After Dark” in August of 2023 and have more music in the works, as three of the songs they played were unreleased. They also performed a cover of a song called “Lima,” an unreleased song that Hermo learned in high school, and “Fruit Fly,” a song from band member Emma Willer’s side project, Lazy Trail.  

The concert was energetic and lively, with Hermo and Willer’s whimsical, bright vocals reverberating through the atrium. The band’s on-stage presence was relaxed and fun, as the band has been friends since high school and college. Boyscott was repeatedly incredibly grateful for the big turn-out and the crowd’s energy – everyone was out of their seats swaying along to the music. Their music is even better live, with the live drums and bass giving more life to their bedroom-pop sound.  

Boyscott ended with their most popular song, “Nova Scotia 500.” Since its release in September 2019, it has gained twenty-seven million listens on Spotify. Then, the band did a small meet-and-greet with fans at the merch booth. Overall, the concert was an amazing experience. Though they do not have any upcoming concerts in the DMV area, I highly recommend everyone look out for new shows, especially since it sounds like new music is on the way!  

Their full set list from the Lincoln Center is below:   

  1. Marco Polo  
  2. Lake House  
  3. Lima (Cover)  
  4. Blonde Blood  
  5. Sleepaway  
  6. Unreleased Song  
  7. After Dark  
  8. Embarrassingly Enough  
  9. Unreleased Song  
  10. Sleepwalk  
  11. Fruit Fly (by Lazy Trail)  
  12. RIP Sophie Moore  
  13. Unreleased Song  
  14. Killer Whale  
  15. Nova Scotia 500 


You can listen to Boyscott anywhere you stream music and follow them on Instagram @boyscottsocialmediamaniac to live vicariously through them as they explore nature across the country. 

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