Mali Velasquez – Concert Preview

Mali Velasquez at Songbyrd 

Go To This Because We Asked So Nicely – A Concert Preview 

By Cecilia Ohanian

Source: Lucky Bird Media

Nashville-based, singer-songwriter Mali Velasquez plants herself between rows of self-reflection and healing in her 2023 debut album I’m Green. Blooming from folk and indie rock roots, songs like “Turn Red” and “Tore” candidly explore themes of grief and discomfort as a means of cathartic release for listener and singer alike. As the album title suggests, I’m Green is a mirror into Valasquez’s reborn appreciation for nature accompanied by biting, yet tender lyrics.

Supported by Courage Mother and Gabbo, Velasquez will be gracing the stage of Songbyrd venue on Feb. 7th at 8pm (doors open at 7). 

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