Lit&Local: ErinleBeats’ Release of New EP “Beat EP Vol. I”

ErinleBeatsDavid Erinle (his stage name, ErinleBeats) is a producer from Maryland who strives to become the new face of hip hop. His new EP, “Beat EP Vol. I”, was released last week, and it features a collection of songs reflective of his unique style and musical passion. The EP is a rendition of beats inspired by producers like Kanye West, Travis Scott, 40, and Boi-1da. David formulates his songs based on his musical knowledge, technical skills, and what he finds altogether interesting. As a multi-instrumentalist and music producer, he takes his experiences and transforms his interests into what is now his own created content.

Currently balancing his time as a full-time Mason student, marketing intern, and audio engineer, he believes his devoted priorities in production work will be heard in the clarity of his sound. Songs like “Diss Track”, “Future”, and “Echelon (BONUS) [feat Mom]” are all a part of WGMU’s local music playlist, used by volunteer DJs for live airplay. All songs feature great mixing techniques, crafted with cutting-edge artistry that would impress any new listeners passing through. It’s the kind of music that can be heard in any setting: on the car ride home after a long day, during a study session when concentration is necessary, at a party where everyone is dressed to the nines, etc. Now and in the future, he hopes to reach a greater listenership and influence the music industry through his disk jockeying and technical knowledge. “Beat EP Vol. I” is Erinle securing his spot in the iconic collective of hip hop producers, a far from amateur victory against the musical giants. Easy-going structure, with a mix of his distinct sound, David’s work is a narrative abundant of talent and virtuosity, and his catchy selection of songs will generate energetic audiences full of vivacity and flare.


Twitter/Instagram: @daviderinle / @daviderinle

Snapchat: @deadgoliath

Interview with Local Music Director, Jackie Reed:


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