Jesse’s Journal: A New Weekly Entertainment/Sports Writing Piece

This is Jesse’s Journal.

Each week I will write about various happenings in the media (specifically the worlds of entertainment and sports, respectively.) and see where it goes! As this is WGMU, I’ll also discuss new music (i.e what I’ve been listening to lately and what I think you should have a listen to!)

This week’s jam:

This week’s inspirational video:

We’ll start this week in sports. The Redskins (or for some of you “the team who must not be named”) are on a bye-week this week in the NFL. Thank god. The ‘Skins decided to insert Robert Griffin III back in to the lineup on Sunday after he’d been nursing an ankle injury over the past several weeks prior. It would have made sense to keep the “hot hand” of QB Colt McCoy, who just led the team to a thrilling OT win over arch rival Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night football, in the driver’s seat for one more game against a weak Minnesota Vikings squad that also sported a 3-5 (putrid) record in the NFC. This would give RG3 that week, plus the upcoming bye-week to recover and resume his starting QB duties after 2 more weeks of rest, coming back to play the NFL’s JV squad Tampa Bay Bucs in the following matchup. Would things have been different if McCoy goes in against Minnesota? I don’t think he would have necessarily “lit it up”, but I do think that he was fresher than Robert and could have carried the team to a victory. Robert Griffin is with out a doubt the starter for this franchise, but as Alfred Pennyworth says best, it is good to “know your limits”. Now at 3-6, the Redskins will definitely need to fire up the proverbial “RG3 Batman Light” and shine it across the skies of the district, and hope that the leader that this team so desperately needs, comes in to save the day and turn this dwindling season around for the burgundy and gold without getting distracted by whispering entities of local media and the head “Joker” himself: Danny Boy Snyder.

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