Gabriel Garzón-Montano at 9:30 Club

Last night was incredible! Kali Uchis performed at 9:30 Club for a sold out crowd on Tuesday, October 9, 2018. Her opener, Gabriel Garzon-Montano, kicked off the show with a spectacular performance of one of his most favored tracks, Golden Wings. The crowd was buzzing with excitement, singing along or mouthing every single word. Garzon-Montano’s attire, or tasteful like-there-of, added to the heat as he changed from an open white shirt and pants to a black latex playsuit with two shoulder straps. What was truly amazing was how supportive the audience was! Women and men were enthralled with his vibe and live performance of Fruitflies, Crawl, 6 8 and more. Although his opening performance was limited to only a half hour, he used the time beautifully. There are still tickets available for their second night, tonight October 10, 2018. Here’s the link!

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