Dan Auerbach at 9:30 Club

It was a perfect close to possibly one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time.

By: Jesse Benitez

Whoever said rock ‘n’ roll is dead is probably unfamiliar with Akronite Dan Auerbach. His contributions in songwriting, record producing, involvement with The Black Keys, The Arcs, and many other musical groups are prime examples of his extensive talent and knowledge when it comes to authentic, modern American rock.

Dan Auerbach rocked the roof off the 9:30 Club during a sold out show alongside the Easy Eye Sound Revue, Robert Finley, and Shannon and the Clams on Thursday, March 22. Shannon and the Clams kicked off the night with “Ozma,” the fourth track from their third studio album, Dreams in the Rat House (2013). Lead singer Shannon Shaw’s profound vocals created naturally sympathetic vibrations through the floorboards of the venue, which carried over into surfy and quirky tunes like “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Boy,” a song from their fifth studio album Onion (2018)- a collaboration with producer Dan Auerbach and the Easy Eye Sound record label. The band’s ear splitting guitar riffs shrilled in pleasant harmony throughout their performance, noticeable in “I Will Miss the Jasmine,” off Gone by the Dawn (2015). They closed their opening set with a mellower jam, “Did You Love Me,” a ballad that made me recognize how unbelievable it felt to watch this band perform directly in front of me at that very moment.

Shannon and the Clams left me so impressed that I was almost questioning whether Auerbach and the Easy Eye Sound Revue would embody the similar energy and allure. It should be a sin to even let that cross your mind, for the Easy Eye Sound Revue is composed of legendary musicians who could not disappoint in the slightest. Lead guitarist Russ Pahl, was an outstanding gem, whose transcendent sliding riffs and sublime guitar solos radiated through tunes like “Stand by My Girl” and “Shine on Me,” from Auerbach’s second studio album, Waiting on a Song (2017). The crowd sang along to a breezy and refreshing melody, “King of a One Horse Town,” before Robert Finley joined the stage for wholesomely soulful anthems. He gracefully sang “Holy Wine” from the top of his lungs and “Medicine Woman,” both from his newest LP, Goin’ Platinum! (2017). Finley brought the audience together to celebrate good ol’ nostalgic blues through vivacious lyrics and crisp, electric chords crackling on stage.

Auerbach ended the night with an emotional solo he had only played twice before in the nation’s capital, “Goin’ Home,” the last track from his debut solo album titled, Keep It Hid (2009). A personal tune such as this one created the most beautiful and intimate atmosphere that Thursday night. It was a perfect close to possibly one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time.

Feature Photo By (9:30 Club/Official Website).

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