Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob) Interview

brad jonesBrad Jones is the creator of several popular web series such as The Cinema Snob where he plays a very snobby critic who reviews exploitation movies of all sorts, Midnight Screenings, and Brad Tries… As well as movies like Paranoia, Cheap, Midnight Heat, and The Hooker With a Heart of Gold. He joins WGMU’s Sports Director Cory Morgan to talk about his new movie “Jesus, Bro!” among other things in a really fun interview.

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Part 1: Brad discusses his tenure in the radio industry, and tells all about his newest movie, “Jesus, Bro!”


Part 2: Brad discusses his favorite part of the process of producing Cinema Snob episodes, he and Cory discuss their favorites of the Friday the 13th franchise, and Brad shares what his dream project would be.


You can check out all of Brad’s content on his YouTube channel at Or you can go to his website and give him a shout on Twitter @thecinemasnob.


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