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Grace Snyder

Production Director


Name: Grace Snyder

Year: 2020

Major: Communication, Concentration in Production and Media

Title: Production Director

Position Description: The production director oversees the management of all PSA creation and production at WGMU. They manage the production studio, including weekly and permanent scheduling, as well as upkeep of studio computer, sound equipment, and audio files.

What you love about WGMU: I started working with WGMU when I was a sophmore, and from their I just took off. WGMU has given me a lot of opportunities in terms of where I want to be in my future, and It has helped me deepen my passion for radio. As I have been working here, I have come to learn so much about the radio industry, and a main goal of mine is to help bring back radio and the excitment it can offer while you’re behind a microphone.

Hobbies: I mostly play video games. I love the Fire Emblem series the most.

Favorite Bands/Artists: Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer, but it’s amazing what programing can do now a days with just a couple pitches of a note. The music that is created in these programs really are exciting to listen to, and sometimes even emotional.