Dea McCollum

Assistant Marketing Director


FullSizeRenderName: Dea McCollum

Year: Sophomore

Major: Government and International Politics

Position Description: The Assistant Marketing Director works as the second-in-command within the Marketing Department of WGMU Radio. This individual maintains the social media outlets for the station, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for WGMU. This duty includes creating posts to promote interviews and giveaways, as well as special events at the station. The Assistant Marketing Director works directly under the Marketing Director and assists with those day to day duties of promoting the                                                                                            station.

What You love about WGMU: WGMU values students. It gives students the opportunity to have their voices heard, and is student run, placing importance on what students say and think. It’s a platform that connects the Mason community through diversity of thought, opinions, and of course, music.

Hobbies: Yoga, reading, photography, singing, taking long walks in pretty places.

Favorite Bands/Artists: Alabama Shakes, Amy Winehouse, Broken Bells, Florence + The Machine, Sia, Spoon.