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Album Review: Albert Hammond Jr.’s Francis Trouble (2018)


“The Stroke” shows off why he doesn’t need Casablancas and company on AHJ’s defiant fourth album.

Top Tracks: Muted Beatings, Set to Attack, Stop and Go, Rocky’s Late Night

Rating: 8.1/10

By: Mikey Bamarni

Albert Hammond Jr. was the first Stroke to go out on his own in 2006 and has the most solo tracks under his belt. His first album Yours To Keep (2006) showed off a sound that despite being very guitar-driven and reminiscent of The Strokes, had enough originality thanks to his unique vocal delivery and summer-vibe upbeat riffs that only AHJ could produce. He followed that up with a mediocre sophomore slump album Como Te Llama (2008). Later, The Strokes got back together and released 2 full albums and an EP. Since 2013, Albert has released the great AHJ (2013), a solid third record, Monetary Masters (2015), and now, his best album yet.

Francis Trouble (2018) is an album where Jr. discovers a fresh and energetic identity – note, an identity inspired by a twin brother who was sadly never born, but whose fingernail was still found in the afterbirth. This revelation, which he didn’t learn until age 36, brings to the forefront that frontman swagger that he lacked in the past.

On the first single “Muted Beatings”, Albert channels the sounds of 2009 Paramore with far more personal lyrics and extremely intricate arrangements. “Rocky’s Late Night” is another highlight off the record. This track is captivating with infectious guitar work and deeply personal lyrics about his growth as a person and grasping how to deal with life’s changes. The beautifully harmonized and slow-building jam “Set to Attack” also soars and is sure to be a staple for live shows down the road.

Unfortunately not all the songs are winners. The second teaser “Far Away Truths” falls short when it’s up against other tracks in Hammond’s discography; it also just sounds like a weak Strokes song.  A few other tracks suffer due to similar reasons, not bad songs by any means, but underwhelming.

With all that being said, Albert has made it clear that even if The Strokes don’t get together to record any time soon, we’ll still have one-fifth of the band. He’s putting his heart and soul out here, and it’s pretty damn catchy. All in all, the future looks bright.

Feature Photo By (Albert Hammond Jr./Official Website).

Individual Breakdowns of this Season’s Starters

Photo By (Rafael Suanes/GMU).

Photo By (Rafael Suanes/GMU).

A profile into Womens BBall players that ended the season strong.

By: Domenic Allegra

Stats from

Nicole Cardaño-Hillary finished this season with a Field Goal percentage of 34.7, 68 3-pointers made, 137 free throws made, 605 total points, averaged 17.8 points per game, grabbed 113 rebounds, dished out 102 assists, and had 84 steals. She has a great basketball IQ and can read defenses well; I cannot wait to see how her “MJ” style and play-making ability progresses as she goes through this program.

Jacy Bolton finished this season with a Field Goal percentage of 43.5, 36 3-pointers made, 47 free throws made, 305 total points, grabbed 142 rebounds, dished out 72 assists, and had 39 steals. She now sits 20th all-time in school history with Cardaño-Hillary with 68 3-pointers made and still has a bright 2 years ahead of her; I’m definitely excited to see her play.

Sarah Kaminski finished this season with a Field Goal percentage of 36.2, 52 3-pointers made, 21 free throws made, 215 total points, grabbed 96 rebounds, dished out 76 assists, and had 22 steals. She now sits 16th all-time  in school history with 83 3-pointers made passing Amber Easter, Director of Operations for Mason WBB. I guarantee that she’ll still be lethal from behind the arch next year.

Tayler Dodson finished this season with a Field Goal percentage of 36.6, 6 3-pointers made, 55 free throws made, 181 total points, grabbed 187 rebounds, dished out 110 assists, and had 23 steals. Dodson, a true senior, finished her career at Mason with the school record for games played with 124, had 112 career starts, a total of 469 points, holds 22nd place all-time in school history in rebounds with 455 and holds 12th place all-time in school history with 251 assists. She passes the ball well, a characteristic that is often overlooked in basketball. It’s sad to see her go, but she was a great asset to this team.

Camarie Gatling finished this season with a Field Goal percentage of 50.8, 22 free throws made, 144 total points, grabbed 101 rebounds, dished out 12 assists, and had 10 steals. She had a good amount of points for the minutes that she played, I can not wait to see her play next season.

Marika Korpinen “Finnished” (sorry, I had to) this season with a Field Goal percentage of 30.1, 13 3-pointers made, 12 free throws made, 81 total points, grabbed 46 rebounds, dished out 39 assists, and had 15 steals. These are good numbers for her size and the amount of playing time she has. I can not wait to see how she develops in this program.

Congrats on the great season, Mason WBB! Best of luck as you prepare for the next one!

Stay tuned for a Breakdown of Natalie Butler’s season on WGMU Sports.

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