Archives for December 15, 2017

Angel Olsen at 9:30 Club

By: Nick Wodzinski

Alternative and folk-rock queen, Angel Olsen, performed at 9:30 Club on December 14th during her winter tour. Her unique vocal performance along with her vintage rock style filled the room with ease, pleasing the ears of every fan and newcomer alike.

Although her onstage presence was static, the chilling and electric guitars shook the room. Her psych-rock melodies combine with her quivering vocal so well on her albums, but to see that combination transfer to a live performance was thrilling.

Each of her band members wore matching suits and all contributed to each track in a major way. The extra guitar work was catchy, the drums were full and punchy while the synth work created a gorgeous layer on multiple songs.

Overall, her performance was fulfilling. She played her popular rock tunes but also performed her attractive folk influenced songs.
Olsen played many tracks from her critically acclaimed album My Woman (2016) along with some cuts from her latest release, Phases (2017). Both of which you can stream on all music platforms.

Feature Photo By (Angel Olsen/Official Website).