September 2017 archive

The Megaphone Podcast: Lauryn Cantell

On this week’s episode of the Megaphone, Igor interviews Lauryn Cantell. Lauryn is the president of Mason’s chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. They talk about ethical issues in modern journalism, as well as how she encourages writers and what drives her to be a journalist. Check it out! Listen HERE:

The Megaphone Podcast: Dinanda Pramesti

On this week’s episode of The Megaphone, Igor interviews Dinanda Pramesti. Dinanda is the Lifestyle editor for IV Estate and social media manager for Society of Professional Journalists. They talk about her interests in journalism, what drives her as a writer, and what she wants out of her experience in GMU Student Media. Listen HERE:

TEDxGeorgeMasonU “Revival” and Recap

By: Jackie Reed After months of planning and collaboration, the re-scheduled TEDxGeorgeMasonU spring conference was hosted in Dewberry Hall on September 10. With great patience and organization, the board of members crafted a remarkable conference that embodied the idea of “Revival”, referring to both the event and the conversations enveloped within the afternoon meeting. Several …

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The Megaphone Podcast: Fareeha Rehman

This week, Igor sits down with Fareeha Rehman. They discuss her position as co-editor-in-chief of IV Estate, George Mason University’s student newspaper. Additionally, they delve into her passion and pursuit of journalism, and what drives her in that world.    

The Megaphone Podcast Rodger Smith

 Join your host Igor Stojanov for The Megaphone, a weekly podcast about journalism, media, and active media students in the United States. This week, Igor speaks with Professor Rodger Smith, communication faculty member and advisor for WGMU Radio. They discuss Rodger’s role in the professional development and motivation of students pursuing journalism and media careers.   …

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